Acme Picture Pages Instructions

How to upload and post a picture on the Acme Boards

How to upload and post a picture on the Acme Boards.

1. Have your picture scanned, developed on disc or use a digital camera.

2. Use a photo program to save the picture in a .gif or .jpg format.

3. Name the photo something that you will be able to find (a good idea is to write the name down before you hit the save button including what drive it is on) example: C:/pictures/fidotug.jpg and also no spaces in the file name.

4. Go to the Geocities File Manager at then click on the Enter File Manager button.

5. A screen will pop us asking for your member name and password. The member name is acmepictures (no spaces) and the password is cheese.

6. You will now be in the File Manager and the first thing you want to do is to click on the appropriate subdirectory….either cats or dogs.

7. Now you see the files named free1, free2, free3 etc…check the box next to one of the free html files and then scroll down near the bottom and click on rename.

8. Now you rename the html file to your name….example: your on screen name is fuzzytail so you would rename free9.html to fuzzytail.html and then scroll down to the bottom and click on save. There now you are almost there.

9. Okay you have now picked one of the free html files and renamed it with yourname.html and you saved it. Good job. Now for the fun stuff. Once you saved your new name for this file you are taken back to the file manager. You should still be in the subdirectory of cats or dogs whichever one you chose)

10. Now make sure you see your name.html in the list of files. It's there okay great, it's not? repeat the previous steps and pick one of the free.html files and click on the box next to it and then go scroll down near the bottom and click on rename and do it again but make sure there are no spaces, no capital letters, and that it does have .html as the end of the name and then scroll down to the bottom and click on the save button. Okay now you are back at the file manager again and check for your name. It's there this time? Good. If not email me.

11. You are still in the file manager. Now get out your piece of paper with your picture file name on it and scroll down to the bottom where it says EZ File Upload.

12. Click on both boxes that say Automatically convert filenames to lowercase AND Automatically change ".htm" extensions to ".html". They are both checked now? Good.

13. Then click on the Browse button and a window will pop up.

14. Click on the appropriate drive that your picture is saved in such as the C drive or A drive.

Then scroll across and find your picture file name looking something like this mypet.jpg or mypet.gif then double click on the file and it will appear in the box next to the browse button. If you have more than one pic to upload keep going until you are done.

15. Okay you have the picture file names in the boxes. Now click on Upload Files and wait for the file manager to come back and tell you that the files have been uploaded. If a file has not been uploaded it will tell you that also in the same place so make sure to read it. (It will be in the center above where the file names begin inside of a box).

16. Now you are almost done. Find yourname.html file again and click the box to the left of it again and then scroll down to the edit button and click on it.

17. This is yourname.html file and this is where you put the pictures. I have already put an appropriate background on, a place for you name and a spot for your email addy if you wish to put it on here as well as a link back to the home page where I will link all of the pages at a later date.

18. If you follow along with these instructions and the stuff already on in your .html file you should have no problem (I hope).

19. First 3 lines you ignore totally.


This is just what it says. Put your name or the name you want your page to be called where I have typed that message.

Make sure it is between <TITLE> and </TITLE> or it doesn't work. You can have spaces if you like but remember to delete the rest of my message there.

21. The 6th thru 9th lines ignore totally.

22. Line 10 says <!--HEAD1--><center><h1>Someone's Pictures</h1></center> This is where you put your name again or a different one such as Fiona's Furry Friends. Again you may have spaces and stuff, just make sure it is between <h1> and </h1> and delete the rest of my type.

23. Ignore lines 11 and 12.

24. Line 13 is where your picture file name goes. It has <img src="YOUR PICTURE FILE NAME HERE"> delete the words YOUR PICTURE FILE NAME HERE and put your picture file name there. It should look something like this (oh and all lower case, no spaces) <img src="fluffy.jpg">

If you wish to have more pics on this page go ahead and add them. You can copy and paste the tag and replace the file name or you can just retype the tag with the appropriate file name. Just put it right underneath the one already there.

25. Ignore lines 14 thru 21.

26. Line 22 and 23 are <A HREF=mailto:PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS RIGHT HERE><I>Email us and tell us how cute we are</I></A><br> You put your email address there where it says NO SPACES and then put whatever message you want where it says Email us

and tell us how cute we are. Just remember that the email address must be between <A HREF=mailto: and ><I> and the message you want must be between <I> and </I> for it to work and of course delete the rest of my message.

27. If you don't want your email address there just delete lines 22 and 23.

28. OKAY NOW HIT PREVIEW AND WAIT FOR IT TO LOAD COMPLETELY!!!! Do you like what you see? Press Save and you are all done with the web page. Please close your browser, as that is what Geocities suggests when you finish your work. Now onto posting a picture on one of the Acme Boards...

If you see a red x in a box instead of your picture then something is wrong with the picture or the filename. Usually it is the filename that is the problem. In that case go back to the file manager in your appropriate subdirectory (cats or dogs) and look for your picture’s file name (not your.html this time) you are looking for mypet.jpg or mypet.gif. Write down the filename exactly and then go back and check the box next to yourname.html and then the edit button again. Now go back to line 13 and see that your picture file name is typed exactly. Remember the html tag for the picture will be <img src="mypet.jpg"> the only space is between img and src, make sure the = is not a + etc. If you still have a problem email me.

Your web page url is.....

(for cats)

(for dogs)

your picture url is…..

(for cats)

(for dogs)


To post the link to your page on one of the Acme Bulletin Boards you simply type the web page url into the Optional Link URL box (the first one under the comments section when you are posting a message) AND you post a link title in the second

box, convieniently named Link Title. If you do not put some text in the Link Title box your link will not show up.

To post the actual picture on one of the Acme Bulletin Boards you type the picture URL in the THIRD box named Optional

Image URL.

You can also (and I suggest it) go to your page (save it in your favorites or bookmarks so it's there for you easily) and then highlight the url with your mouse and then copy it and the come to the board and paste it in the Optional Link URL box and then type in the Link Title box and for a picture you can go to your page and then when you see the picture you want to post you RIGHT click on it with your mouse and then a menu pops up and you LEFT click on Properties and a window will pop up and then you can highlight and copy the URL from there for the picture and then post it in

the third box Optional Image URL and presto you have now posted a picture.



Now on the Cat's Window Photo Board it's pretty much the same. By the way here is the URL for that page

the boxes are in the same order but they are titled differently. If you copy and paste your urls into these boxes make sure that there is only one http:// as these boxes already have http:// in them so delete the second set. and then click on the Post Picture button and I guess you go do a post on the Cat's Window to let everyone know your picture is there.

Good luck and if you have any problems, questions or request (even a different background, a story or a graphic to put on your page..anything) just email me and let me know and I'll help you out or do it for you whichever. My email addy is