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Phone 412-922-0953
Email for Rebuilding Together

Website Rebuilding Together

My brother and a few other people have to do this as part of their project for their Product Development class at Robert Morris College in Pittsburgh. Every semester a company that has dealings with the college is picked to be part of the project. The the students help the company work on a product or whatever, (I actually didn't catch everything he said LOL).

This is the first year that a non profit organization has been involved. I think it's great! Unfortunately, nobody seem to have the time or inclination to answer the surveys for the kids so Mike called me. I thought it was a good idea for him to try and use his resources and network......that way I can call myself a resource and part of a network!! This gets better for me every minute LOL!

Thanks is the survey as it was presented to me,
I just made it clickable to encourage people to respond by saving them some time in this format.



1. What best describes the area in which you live?

2. Do you rent or own? If "Other" please specify

3. Do you regularly (at least 3 times a month) attend a church, synagogue or mosque?

4. Check all of the hobbies/activities you participate in or enjoy?

Golf Fishing Home Improvements Softball
Wood Working Artistry Craft-Making Tennis
Snow Skiing Roller Blading Hiking Swimming
Boating Traveling Spectator Sports Other, please specify

5. Into which occupational category do you belong? If "Other" please specify

6. What would you say the size of your company is?

7. What type of company do you work for?

8. Where do you spend discretionary income? Check all that apply.

Charity Hobbies, please specify Movies
Music Events Restaurants Shopping
Sporting Events Theatre Other, please specify

9. Does your company have a community relations department?

10. What do you believe is the leading cause of death for people over 65?
If "Other" please specify

11. Which of the following non-profit organizations have you heard of? Check all that apply.
United Way American Red Cross Christmas in April
Habitat for Humanity Rebuilding Together Big Brothers/Sisters

12. In the past 12 months, have you made any donations of time or money to local non-profit organizations?

13. Has your company ever been involved with non-profit organizations or charities?

14. Does your company have a Matching Funds program?

15. Does your company have a Contribution Policy when it comes to charities?

16. Can you explain if there is a criteria and the method for the Contribution Policy? There is none As follows

17. With what non-profit organizations have you or your company been involved with?

18a. Why has your company not been involved with a non-profit organization?

18b. If given the opportunity, do you feel that your company would become involved?

19. Why do you believe people make donations to non-profit organizations? You may check more than one?
Obligation to Society Self Fulfillment To Build Community
Repentance Sense of "Giving Back" Positive Image

20. Have you ever been a volunteer for any organizations?

21. If yes, do you plan to volunteer again?

22. If you had a choice, would you rather donate your time, your money or your resources to a worthy cause?

23. Approximately, what is your total household income?

24. Gender:

25. Would you like more information?

Thank you for taking the time to take the Rebuilding Together Survey. Your survey will help hundreds of elderly and disabled persons. Last year we Rebuilt 270 homes and 13 Community Centers. We hope to renovate even more homes every year.

Thank you again.

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