Additons, Changes, and Deletions

If You Would Like To Be Added

Please send me the following information:

Your handle (please put this in the subject box for sorting/storage purposes)
Your e-mail address
Your real name
Your dog's name(s)
Your dog's breed(s)
An addy for each of your dog's pictures.
Your home page addy
If you have a rescue story you would like added, include that too(can be long)
You can also include why you own and like the breed(s) you do. (can be long)
Your city/state
Your occupation.
*If you don't have a home page or picture or if you don't want certain info inclued, no problem, just let me know!
Send all your info to: Amy, I'll be glad to add you!


If you would like your information changed, just send me the changes. Please put your handle in the subject box. Send them to Amy*

*Please note there is a *one doggie kiss* charge per change:-)

Delete You?

If you would like to be deleted, e-mail me. I won't like it, but I will do it:-( Go ahead, break my heart, just put your handle in the subject line Amy