Alsley Pug's Rescues

I have two rescue pups the first was Louise. We got her when she was about 2 years old, she had been beaten, had never slept or been allowed in the house, was heartworm positive. She was a wonderful little girl. We loved her so so much. Our second rescue was "Tankus Maximus". He was in a local PetsMart when I was breezing through. He had a broken rib, was heartworm positive, and was the biggest pug I've ever seen (I suspect he was a Shar-Pei cross...I think they are called Ori-Peis...makes me sick when dogs are cross bred). He went to his new home after undergoing heartworm treatment and getting fattened up a bit at our house (happens to everyone that comes through the door :0) This picture is of he and Alsley...he's the enormous one...but what a WONDERFUL boy he is...a true "gentle giant".