A   LITTLE BIT ABOUT EACH ONE

                                       AND THEIR MOM & DAD

          A DOG........
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                    HERE WE GO ... STARTING WITH "THE BOSS"


My Name is Little Bit

I was the one that got this whole family to grow. Before me, my Mom only had two dogs, Jesse and Gypsy. Then she began to work for the local Humane Society. It was really hard for her not to bring home all the dogs. One day, My Mom was with a group of Humane Society and Animal control people that were taking me and my dog family from an abusive home. When my former owners opened the door, I ran out and straight to my Mom's arms. I knew she would take me home with her. I was sick with a fever, sarcoptic mange, and I was covered with fleas. My Mom nursed me back to health, and did I know how to play her. I am so spoiled, and know how to get my way, and I am the boss in our house. I only weigh ten pounds, but I am Mom's favorite, and I know it, and so do the other fur babies in our house. Wait till you see how many. My Mom's friends call her Dog Mama.


My Name is Queenie

My Mom got me as a seven week old puppy. She always wanted a white American Bull Dog, as she once had on that is now at the Rainbow Bridge. I look almost exactly like her, and I even have her name. I was a terror of a pup. I ate anything I could get in my mouth, and I was very hard to potty train. I pottied so much on my Mom's rugs, she had to take them up and tile the house. I am very good now, and always do my business outside. When I was only seven months old, I was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. My Mom was very sad because I was in a lot of pain. I had surgery on both hips, and now I can run and jump and I don't hurt anymore. I am a very big girl, but I love all my little fur baby friends that live with me, especially Teddy and Chance. You will see them soon...Aren't I beautiful, my Mom says I am and she calls me her Puppy Girl.


My name is Little Annie

One day, after my Mom no longer worked at the Humane Society, she visited the Shelter as she often did. Her heart ached as she looked at all the fur babies begging to go home with her. That day, I was the lucky one. I was skin and bone, had sarcoptic mange and severe heart worms. If my Mom didn't take me home that day, I would have been put to sleep. I smelled so bad, my Mom almost got sick in the van on the way to the vet to get not one, but three baths to kill all the fleas and make me smell better. I was treated for the mange and when that got better, I was spayed as I went into heat. When I recovered from the surgery, my heart worm treatment was started. On the fourth day after treatment, I threw an emboli, which is like a blood clot in the lung, but its a piece of heart worm stuck there, so its hard to get rid of. I was so sick, I was having a hard time breathing, and I was coughing up blood. My Mom thought I would go to the Rainbow Bridge I was so sick. Well, she asked my vet if I was suffering and he said no, but I was very uncomfortable. He wanted to keep me there, but she said if I was going to die, I would die in her arms, not at the hospital alone. She brought me home with an IV in my arm, I had high doses of several medications, including something to stop my cough and let me rest. My vet called the next day, and was surprised to see that I was still alive. My Mom didn't sleep much for four days, as she held me in her arms and comforted me while I was so sick. On the fifth day, the clot must have passed, as I was feeling a little better and even ate a little food. My Mom knew I had to be immobile for a few more weeks, so she didn't let me do anything. A week or so later she took me to see my vet. He was so surprised to see me walk in the door, I am a very lucky girl, and now I am even a little chunky, but I am so cute, even with my under bite, and My Mom loves me so much.

My Name is Bubbles

I also was adopted from the Humane Society. I was about three months old when my Mom got me. In was very hot, in July, and my humans moved away and left me and my birth mother behind, tied up together. We had no food or water and when the animal control offices came to get us a week later, my dog Mom was dead from the heat and no water. I was very sad, but I was young and when my Mom saw me in the kennel, shaking and scared, that was my lucky day. My new Mom picked me up and hugged me and told me she loved me, and I wasn't scared anymore. She took me to my vet, gave me a bath, got me my shots and took me home. Wow, I had so much fun. There were lots of fur babies to play with, and lots of good food and fresh water. I even got to sleep in my Mom's bed with her, my Dad, and my other doggy sisters and brothers. The bed is real big, so we had lots of room, that is until lots more fur babies came to live with us. Next you will see more of them, and our stories will continue. Hope you are enjoying them.


My name is Gypsy

My Mom was again visiting the shelter one day, and someone had dropped off a box with twelve two week old puppies in it. They were very short on staff, and had no one to care for them. My Mom reached in the box with her eyes closed and picked me up. She decided to take me home and bottle feed me until I was big enough to eat by myself. She didn't know what she was in for. I weighed ten ounces, fit in the palm of her hand, and every three hours or so I screamed so loud as I was hungry. She couldn't understand how something so small could make so much noise. Well, needless to say, Mom didn't sleep much for a couple of weeks. When I was four weeks old I started to eat soft canned food for baby pups. Then my belly stayed full longer, and Mom got to sleep a little more. When I was six weeks, I was still very small, and I chased all the bigger dogs all over the house. I am six years old now, and I love to be outside as we live in the country in the woods, have a big fenced in yard, and I love to chase all the little critters. I wouldn't hurt them, I just love the chase. Here I am resting on Dad's recliner while he is at work. I love my Mom and Dad and I am spoiled along with the rest of them.



I am the oldest at seven years old. I was Mom's first pup. I was eight weeks old when she got me. Mom says I get a little grumpy now and then, as the little ones drive me crazy sometimes. When Mom got me she decided that I would be happier if I had another dog to play with, and then they just kept coming. I have gotten so used to all these furry bundles arriving, especially since Mom does foster care and adoption, I just learned to handle it. I never now what she will be bringing home from day to day, and now that she is working full time for our vet, she is always bringing something home to care for. We have all learned to get along, most of the time, and to accept that there will always be one or two visiting until Mom can find them a home. I guess its not so bad, as Mom has enough love to go around for all of us.


My Name is Angel

My story is a very sad one with a happy ending. My Mom was still working at the Humane Society when the animal control officers brought me in. My paperwork said my owner just didn't want me anymore. I had been tied up in his back yard for years on a short rope lucky to get table scraps and a drink of water once in a while. I appeared to be dark brown, and I was so dirty and my hair was so matted, I had to be shaved almost to the skin. My Mom rushed me to my vet where my groomer and my Mom spend hours shaving me while I cried in pain. They knew they weren't hurting me, and couldn't understand why I was so painful. Well they found out when they got down to my feet. When they cut away all the mats, they saw that my nails had never been cut and had grown into the pads of my feet. I could hardly walk. The nails were cut with a special cutter and gently pulled out. I was bathed in a warm bath to soak my sore feet. They were medicated and wrapped in soft bandages, and my Mom took me home. In a few days my feet stopped hurting, and I discovered how much fun it was to walk and run again. I had severe heart worms also, but I didn't move around a lot, so I had no bad effects from the treatment. I am pretty much a loaner, can't be bothered with the other dogs, but I sure love to sit by my Mom and get my belly rubs, and I get to sleep close to her at night. Don't I have the most beautiful eyes. I am looking at my Mom here, and showing her how much I love her.  Sadly Angel passed away on July 26, 1999.  She died of heart failure, her lungs filled with fluid and her heart became enlarged.  The vet did all he could do, but she chose to go on to the Rainbow Bridge, where she knows we will meet her when our time comes.  Until then she and Foxy will run and play.

My Name is Teddy

Some nice people found me and brought me to my vets office to see if he could find me a home. I was very thin and had sarcoptic mange which is very contagious to other dogs. My eye was already surgically removed when I was found. My vet tried to find my owners, thinking I was lost, but from the condition I was in, figured I was just a throw away. My Mom brought one of my fur baby sisters in for a check-up and the office manager told her about me. She came to my kennel to see me and said if I needed a home, I had one with her. It took a few weeks for me to get healthy, and then I got neutered and went home with my Mom. Boy am I having fun now. My best buddy is Queenie, and she is so big and she takes care of me. Chance is my best little boy buddy, and we are Queenie's favorites. I have no idea what breed mix I am, but I am very small, about eight pounds, and everyone that sees my picture thinks I am so cute.


My Name is Chance

I came from a puppy mill in Missouri. My Mom found me through her friend Poochini on the Min. Schnauzer rescue board. She fell in love with me at first sight. I was just four months old then. My Mom was in Mississippi, so it was difficult getting me to her. She contacted my foster Mom in Missouri, and my adoption was approved to come home to my Mom. Transportation was arranged and I was finally going home. I have some birth defects, probably from bad breeding at the puppy mill, and I have had three surgeries so far. My front left leg was deformed along with my paw. I am much better now, but will need more surgery in the future. I am a holy terror, love to tear up toilet paper and anything shredable, and sometimes I am just so bad. I love to play in the rain and get all muddy, but even when I am doing all kinds of crazy things, my Mom can't help laughing at me. Do I know how to get away with everything or what? My buddy Queenie helps me get into all kinds of mischief, and we have so much fun.



I am a sweet little girl who my Mom adopted from the Humane Society several years ago. I came in with a puppy, my last one, and she got adopted right away. My Mom tried to find me a home, since I was so sweet, and Mom already had lots of fur babies, she wanted someone else to have a chance to get a small dog. After a week, when no one adopted me, my Mom was already attached to me and I became the next lucky on to join this big happy family. My Dad says I am his favorite, and I like that a lot. When my Dad is home, I am always with him. I love to ride the four wheeler through the woods with him. He made a special basket with lots of padding so I will be safe on the rides. All these little boy pups drive me nuts sometimes, so I usually find a place to sleep, like under Mom's bed, when they are terrorizing the house and Mom. I still love them all, but like to be alone sometimes.  On August 5, 1999 Foxy was killed protecting me from a rattlesnake in the front yard of our home.  Foxy was very very brave to the very end.  She saved my life....Thank you Foxy, I will meet you at the Bridge when my time comes..  Remember, until I get there, Mom and Dad love you very much.



I was the last one to arrive, so far..I came to my Mom in Mississippi all the way from Missouri. I was rescued from a puppy mill by my foster Mom in Missouri. That is where my brother Chance came from also, and we had the same foster Mom. My foster Mom wanted my new Mom to have me, as I had some problems, as did Chance, and she knew my new Mom would be able to take care of me. I had demodectic mange, which is now gone, and my fur is growing back nicely. I have a growth plate injury to one of my back legs, that makes me look bowlegged, and my hips are not good either, but my vet says as long as I am not hurting, we will let me finish growing and xray the hips again as hopefully I will grow out of it. I love all my new brothers and sisters, especially Queenie. She is so big, but she takes really good care of me and she is so gentle with me. My Mom says I am a little devil cause I sneak up on the other dogs and nip playfully at them and then I run and jump on her lap so they can't get me.  She says I am only a baby at seven months, but I think I am a big boy. I guess because I am the youngest, Mom calls me her baby. Aren't I just about the cutest little guy you ever saw.


I  was adopted from the Humane Society also. I have been with my family for about two years. I also had heart worms and could not find a family to adopt me, until Mom came along. I am now healthy except for a slight thyroid problem, but that is taken care of my medicine. I love all my brothers and sisters, and though I am a little overweight, I can still keep up with them...



Mom says the story wouldn't be complete with our telling you all what a wonderful Dad we have. He is so patient with us, and sometimes we are so rowdy.  Here is Dad with some of us on the bed while Mom is playing on the computer. Mom came in to see what was going on, and grabbed the camera to get this picture. Dad had just dosed off watching television, and Mom snapped this shot.  This is not all of us, as you can see. Queenie, Jesse and Gypsy are too big for the bed, and they sleep in the living room on the couch and chairs...There is a big padded bench at the bottom of the bed, and when Mom comes to bed, some of us sleep there so Mom has room to sleep on the bed. This is one of Mom's favorite pictures...


This is a picture of our Mom and Dad. Lots of folks think they are a little crazy for having so many dogs, but us dogs think its pretty neat. Some of Mom's friends say that when they pass on, they want to come back as one of her dogs, as her dogs live better than a lot of people. We sure do, we live in a big house in the country, have a big fenced yard with doggy doors to come and go as we please. We are like Mom and Dad's kids now, as the human kids are grown and live far away with families of their own. We love our Mom and Dad very much, and hope to spend many, many years with them...



Our Mom & Dad and all of us fur kids live in S. Mississippi. We live in the country as that's the only way we would be aloud to be such a big family. Out in the country there is no limit on the number of pets you can have. Dad works in Mobile, Alabama as a stone fabricator (marble & granite) and he comes home on the weekend. He has a big travel trailer that he lives in all week, as its too far to drive back and forth. Mom works for our vet so she knows how to take good care of us and what to do when we are not feeling well. Mom and Dad have two human kids and three human grand kids, and they all live pretty far away, and Mom doesn't get to see them all too often. That's how we all came to be. Dad was always out of town, and Mom was lonely, so she decided to get "A" dog. Yea right, look at her now. There are eleven of us at home at the moment, and there are always fosters to be adopted out to the perfect homes. Mom is very fussy as to who gets them. She has placed pups all over the states.
Mom also writes poems for folks who have lost their fur babies. We see her typing away at her computer all the time, with tears in her eyes, as she tries to comfort others with words in a poem, written as thought the pet was talking to the family. Some of these poems are published on web pages all over the country, and Mom is very proud of that.

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