Cerry's Rescue's

I got Cerry six months after I had put my 17 yr. old sheperd/dobie mix to sleep. Didn't think I wanted another dog, woke up on Martin Luther King Day, 1995 knowing I couldn't go to bed that night without a dog in the house. I went to a local shelter to get a year or older adult companion animal, and walked out with an 8 week old puppy - he was born on my birthday, what else could I do?

I learned over the next year why I originally had decided on an adult dog. Wouldn't change it for the world, especially now that he's two and the demons of adolescence have (mostly) departed.

I got his best buddy Sammy six months ago when Sammy's owners (good friends of mine) decided a 40# high-energy dog wasn't what they wanted (they've since gotten a pug and are quite content) especially now that thier daughter has turned two and requires much closer supervision due to ability to get around under her own power. Cerry and Sammy had spent every Sunday in one another's yards since Cerry was 6 mo. and Sammy 8 mo., so when the possibility loomed that Sammy might depart for good, I had to take him in because Cerry would never have recovered from losing his Sunday puppy playmate. Right?