Chelsea's Mom

There is myself (Kim), my new husband, Roger. We were married on November 19, 1997 in Jamaica. We have two beagles - Chelsea (born April 4, 1997 and purebred) and Candi (acquired at the approximate age of 2 years from the local Humane Society on December 21, 1997 - she's a beagle mix ). We live on the south-east side of Lake Simcoe, near Barrie, Ontario, Canada in the house that we just bought at the beginning of December 1997.

Chelsea is a tri-colour beagle and has been to puppy kindergarten. She knows lots of tricks - sit, stay, down, kiss, go in your cage, bang, roll over, leave it, etc. She has TONS of energy and can run like the wind. I call her the Brat. She hasn't fully developed the beagle howl yet, and it's really cute to listen to her try. She is my first dog and she is my baby. We started visiting her when she was two weeks old and brought her home at 7 weeks (I didn't know puppies should be 8 weeks before being separated from their mother then). She loves potato chips and Sour Patch Kids and will drool while I am eating them. Chelsea is always looking for someone to play with and gets into all kinds of trouble if she can't find anyone to play with her. She loves to jump up and kiss visitors when they come to the house. When she finally tires out, she loves to lie on my head and fall asleep. She's a real cutie!

Candi is a rescue. We got her from the local Humane Society where an alliance had purchased her from a pound at auction. Otherwise, she would have been sold for research. Roger went to look at her first cause I told him if I went with him we'd end up bringing her home right then. Guess what? I got a call from him right after he saw her asking me if he could bring her home. Of course I said yes! The vet guessed her age to be 18 months, but I think she's more like 2 or 3. She is also a tri-colour but has more of a German Sheppard kind of colouring (beige, black, white underbelly). She had just had puppies and had a sagging belly. Her coat was very dull and she had no energy (she had been spayed 3 days earlier). 2 months later, she has a beautiful, soft, shiny coat and has enough energy to catch Chelsea! Her belly no longer sags as it has filled out. You can tell she was a stray cause she has a tendency to steal food from the counter and to try to steal stuff out of the garbage. She is a people dog, always cuddling up to you for hugs and scratches. She is way more laid-back than Chelsea and is usually happy curled up on the couch beside you. Her nickname is wiggle-butt cause she wags her tail so hard her whole back end shakes! She is also quite accident prone.

We're still working on housebreaking these two little devils but are completely happy with them - they are our life these days. I never knew I would be such a dog person, but they have completely won me over!