I fell in love w/ schnauzers thru my "Baltimore street dog", Scruffy. When I wanted a companion for him, I walked into the Humane Society just as Pepper (then named Belle) was turned in because she wasn't elegant enuf and at 9 months, she got into things when left alone all day! She was standing in a crate, shaking from head to toe; when I opened the crate, she put her front legs around my neck and held on!! Ten years later, she's still good at that!

Pepper was diagnosed as diabetic in 11/97; her treatment has been a roller-coaster. She still loves to play and loves to cruise her back yard!

After sadly letting Scruffy go, it was about a year before I went looking again. this time, I knew I wanted a schnauzer when I went to the Humane Society.

When I walked in, there was a tiny (6lb) chocolate imp watching everything from his top crate. When I lifted him out, he curled into my neck and "talked" to me! He was 7 - 8 months old - he had been a stray found after some time on the streets.

He was so grown out and sick when he was brought in that his ID card said "3 yr old female"; first as they groomed him, the "fe" was crossed off, next there was a question about checking his age!!

When I came back the second day (not really sure I wanted a toy anything!)Raggedy Andy as they called him, was busy redecorating his crate by pulling 1" strips of newspaper off the lining 1 strip at a time, the full length of the cage.

He is still an imp and still bears the emotional scars of life on the streets. He's gained weight and now weighs 9 lbs! I enjoy his poodle antics and brightness! Both dogs are happier when they are together and love to romp. We have a new addition, Ike! Newly rescued w/ the help of Cheyennemama from a kill shelter outside Dayton, Ohio and delivered to me in a parking lot in Covington, KY. He is a black mini schnauzer found wandering in Ohio.