Dax O'Buff

Dax O'Buff - Dax O'Whatever has been training and showing in obedience for more than 40 years, starting as a Junior handler in obedience. From there she managed a grooming shop and then trained for a few 'pop' trainers in New York until she concluded that these folks were in it for the money and not the dogs. Now, in addition to a job as a Legal Assistant, she teaches dog behavior and training methods to the general public in hopes of reducing the numbers of owner surrendered, abandoned, and euthanized dogs. She is currently showing her dogs in obedience and agility, and has done some work in tracking, search & rescue and protection work, for fun. She specializes in the very young puppy and in correcting problems in the adolescent dog. She has also been a student of homeopathy for ten years, and is an advocate of holistic methods of raising and training dogs.

Her Shofar Shepherds and Shelties website contains a wealth of information on dog behavior, tips for training, as well as pictures, pedigrees and information about her dogs. There are also pictures of the dogs belonging to many of the ACME regulars.