Doggie Lady

I have been a passionate animal lover all my life - especially dogs! In the last 25 yrs, the longest I went without a dog in my life was 10 months - when we got our dear, gorgeous blue merle Collie female, Mavis - who passed on to the Bridge too soon in August 1997. This led to our two current dogs, again, female Collies - half sisters Claire (sable born 7/97) and Afton (tri born 9/97). I joke that it takes at least two dogs to "replace" (as if!) Mavis! We considered a Bernese Mountain Dog or Aussie, but went with what we know works - for me, Collies are so laid back, sweet and smart! (But lazy!) We've got a seven year old son and somewhere it was said - "Have you ever seen a better match than Collies and Children?" When we lived in the Big Apple, I did rescue work with a Community group - there were so many unwanted, abandoned and stray animals there - our work was never done! Living here, in rural upstate New York, you just don't see that! But I'll never turn my back on an animal in need. I'm trying to convince my husband we need a Maine Coon Cat, and someday I'd like to add a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi! hmmm, maybe I'll volunteer to "foster"!