After not having a dog for some years, my youngest daughter Kristin and oldest daughter Tracy convince me and my husband that we needed to get a pet. We had a Maine Coon Cat and wasn't sure how he would react. Tracy lives in Roanoke, Va and detests the way many owners tie their dogs to trees and leave them out in all kinds of weather, so she said I had to save one from a life of torment. Next thing you know, I had been given a 8 wk old, 5 pound, male basset puppy. Just a bundle of ears, feet, and wrinkles. Well, that was July 5, 96 and needles to say from day one my heart was captive. With all the breeds I have had from terriers to shepards to every kind of mix, I have never experienced a breed that is so loving, gentle, loyal, stuborn, and intelligent. And with all that, he is such a clown at the same time. I now know what they mean when I read "It takes a particular kind of person to raise a Basset. Max will be 2 on May 14, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. All pets are special to us all, but I don't think I will ever find another dog like Max, but I do know that there will always be room in this home for the Basset breed.