Dog House Helpful Hints

Posting Messages

After you post a message, click on "Go To Your Message" to see if it posted or if *gremlins* got it.

It can be a sanity saver to copy and paste your longer messages to a notepad, so if it gets gobbled up, you won't have to retype it!

Please do not post in all capital letters, that is considered SHOUTING!

Shorter messages in the subject line make for faster loading of the board and help prevent congestion(of the board, not your sinuses!)

Save your questions for a day when you know you can check for responses the next day. Sometimes folks visiting ask a question, wait several days or a week to look for an answer and discover their message is gone, or eaten by *gremlins* .

Try real hard to be extra nice in postings, since we can't see each other or hear tone of voice. Folks feelings can get hurt without any offense intended, and we try to avoid "flame wars" on this board.

Commercial sales are not permitted on this board. This is not the place to buy or sell a dog.

Get to know the folks on the board; we're friends here, so stick around with us so we can get to know you too.

If there is a breed you really dislike, keep those feelings to yourself. Most of us dog lovers feel pretty strongly that there are no bad breeds, just bad owners.

Go ahead and ask dumb questions, because most of the time you will get smart answers.

Read other people's answers to a question before you throw in your two cents worth.

Don't forget to bookmark sites you want to keep. If you bookmark a message, it will get overwritten when the number of the message scrolls off the board.

Put your name at the end of your message, because some of us can't remember whose message this one is from because we just finished reading a bazillion messages tonight already.


Little creatures that eat messages and put another message in it's place. This occurs most often on messages that took you thirty minutes to type:-)


These nasty little creatures are anonymous posters who have nothing better to do than insult and harrass other posters. The best weapon against them is to IGNORE them!

How to Post a photo

Your picture must be saved as a .jpg or .gif file.
Upload your photo to your web server(i.e. Geocities)
click view next to your photo.
highlight and copy the address where your photo is.
When you are posting a message, paste the address into the "Optional Image Url" box.

How to post a link

Highlight and copy the address of the link you want to post.
Paste the address in the "Optional URL" box.
NAME your link in the "Link Title" box or it won't show up.

What the Heck Does That Mean????

*Acronym* Meaning
*beg* beg like a dog
nom & n/m No other message inside.
*msg* Further message inside.
*G* Grin
*BEG* Big Evil Grin
*VBG* Very Big Grin
*VBEG* Very Big Evil Grin
*VEBG* Very Evil Big Grin(there is a difference)
*LOL* Laugh Out Loud
*ROTFLMBO* Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Butt Off
*YMMV* Your Mileage May Vary(You may get different results)
*OIC* Oh, I See
*TTYL* Talk To You Later
*IMHO* In My Honest or Humble Opionion
*TIC* Tongue in cheek
*NDR* Not Dog Related
*Snail Mail* U.S. Mail(snail=slow:-)
*ICQ* "I Seek You", most of the Dog House people have this. Hard to explain. It's great, it's free, go here to get it!
*Uh-Oh Me* Send me a message through ICQ

For Acronyms Illustrated, visit Lisaviolet's page, it's very cute!