My Shelties Jesse and Kelly will be soon living with their co-owner, who happens to be my mother! LOL They are going to be retired from competing in major herding events, but will still enjoy flyball. Kelly has her FbDCh. While Jess has his FbD.

Banzai will be my one and only for a while. He's working on his herding and agility. He's also still a monster that will be going on 4 this year. He's the biggest trouble maker I have yet to come across, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Banzai has his SSC and is working on his OSC as well earning legs in other herding.

Banz got his name from the Lion King, we were searching for an original name and found one there. It's not the same name as the plant which is Bonsai!!! He's the only dog we've ever come across with that name and it suits him well!

We're also planning on a new addition in 1999. We'll be purchasing a Newfoundland who's name will be Shenanigan. It goes well with Banzai, don't ya think? If dogs really do reflect on their names I guess I deserve all of Banzai's craziness and all of Shenanigan's future craziness. We hope to keep him solely as a companion and do some therapy work with him.

As for me I'm still trudging on the wolf research and journalism student thing. I WANNA GRADUATE!!! LOL

Still married to my wonderful hubby who believes that even though Banzai is clearly a GSD, that he is a breed of his own. He is anticipating the new arrival as much as I am. We reside in Toronto Canada.