Laska's Mom

I live in Bangor,Maine; still single but have a dog lovin' boyfriend (marriage someday down the line) I am a 24 year old Graphic Artist with a 9-5 job, and doing some Graphics stuff out of my house in hopes to one day ditch the 9-5 job and work at home!

Dog family includes: Laska, a four year old Alaskan Husky ("new" sled racing breed, Malamute-for strength, Siberian Husky-for speed, and a little Wolf-for endurance) She adopted Laska at eleven weeks old, she comes from famous racing stock in Canada. She is quite the little devil and possesses all of the typical Husky running away, destroying things AND good stuff like sensitivity, and a lovely stoic nature.

My dog(s) have become the center of my life...I love talking about them, working with them and learning from and about them everyday. There is such a wonderful feeling a dog can give to is unexplainable, and unparalleled...I will always be a dog owner!