Lhasa Mom

I have, heehee, all Lhasa Apsos: Lila (grey and white) her daughters, Mini (black and white) & Molly (red gold).

Mini's daughter, Angel Dafni ( white with black) Dafni's daughter, Tashi ( black ). confused yet?

Also Dafni's half sister, Magica ( Ivory and creme ), who is not Lila's daughter or Molly and Mini's sister.

Yogi ( gold sable) who is Tashi's brother but not related to Lila .;o)

Rusty bear (red ), my big boy, who is related to two of them, can you guess who?.

And then there is Lily (creme), Molly's partner in crime but not related to any of the others. LOL..

I forgot.... The 5 week old pups

Rosanne, (tan & whilte, ) probably will be creme. Codes named her Roanne because she is loud mouthed and very full of herself,

My favorite, Bishop, (tan & white) proud boy. Codes named him also.

Windy (black & white ) her owners picked her name not me, ;o)

Very sweet Checkers (black and white patches ) *You know who* named him..

I should mention the sire is Domino and the grandfather is Checkers, thus the pups names:

Inky dink ( Tiny black male ), looks like a toy.

Sweetie tweetie ( itty bitty black girl ) weighs about 20 oz and just a sweet baby. Jenny's mom fell in love with her. Yep Codes named her also. Do you get the feeling these are Codes pups and not mine?

I have to mention Lucky Lucy the cat who runs the show here and keeps the Lhasa in line.