L Through R

Labndane... Karen's interests include breeding and showing Labradors and Great Danes. Go to her web-page, it's awesome!

LabsRule... is owned by.. Bob, a yellow Labrador Retriever. Linda owns a boutique travel brokerage (yachts, villas etc..) and lives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Read more about Linda.

Laska's Moma... is owned by Laska, an Alaskan Husky who thinks and acts like she is a wolf, and Icefog's Backwoods Explorer "Denali", a Kuvasz. Leanne works as a graphic artist for a snombobile parts and accessories company. If you would like to read more about Leanne, click here.

Lassie... is owned by ... Edgar, a Shetland Sheepdog. Gail lives in NY City. She also shares a country place in Delaware County, NY, where Edgar loves to chase bunnies, (chase, he never catches any) and run through the grass. Gail and Edgar have lots in common but their main hobby is DOGS. Click here to see and learn more about Edgar.

Lauri C.... is owned by... Neke, Tessa, Remi and Riggs, all German Shepherd Dogs, Speed, an American Cocker Spaniel (Parti colored) and Mozart and Zoe are the kitties. Lauri lives in Northwestern IL, check out her Home Page!

Leslie... is owned by Mika (Edelstein von der Hugel Hohl), a German Shepherd. She enjoys doing the following dog sports: Schutzhund, Obedience, Conformation. She is 16 and is going to go to Vet school when she finishes High School. She lives in New York City, donates to a NM animal shelter and helps out in GSD Rescue. To learn moer about Leslie, click here.

Lhasa Mom... is owned by, shocker, Lhasas! They are *deep breath* Lila, Mini, Angel Dafni, Tashi and Mollie, Magica, Yogi, Rusty bear, and Lily.*more pics coming soon* There is also Lucky Cat who keeps all the Lhasas in line. She lives in New York with her husband and daughter. If you want to read a funnier description of Evelyn's lovable Lhasas, click here. Also visit the ACME Angels.

Linnea... is owned by... Pepper, Wookie, and Luna, all Rats and Flop and Poisidon, are bunnies. Karin used to have Duffy, a Yellow Lab. Karin is a student and lives in Colorado Springs, CO. Check out her home page!

Linda... is owned by... Penny, mixed breed hound from the pound, Ozzie, cat found under a bush, Harley, starving cat found in a barn, Pebbles, cat found in pa parking lot, Ebony, horse with a broken leg, Sunshine, horse rescued from auction, and 4 fish. Linda is a nurse and has one adult child.

Lisi...is owned by.. Kumba, a Rottweiler. Lisi is a QA Consultant and lives with Kumba's Daddy in Tampa, FL. .Visit her home page!

LOST... is owned by ... Lucy, a Bullmastiff, Chance, a Rottweiler, Rufus, a Congo African Grey Parrot, Nicky, a Moluccan Cockatoo, Peanut, a Military Macaw, Red, a Greenwing Macaw and Lucy, a Tinmeh African Grey Parrot. Sandy is a gymrat *G* and lives in Baden, PA.

Lou... is owned by several Boxers, Star, Flash, Valor, Dee, and Sunny. And many MinPins, Ruby, Mindy, Fire, Indy, Marcie, Poppie, and Sparkle. Louis and his wife, Judy live in Lacombe,La.

Maggie's mom... is owned by..are you ready for this list.. Maggie, Molly, Emmy, Ebony, Bonnie and Clyde, all Mini Schnauzers and there is Mickey, Gidget,and Windy, all Yorkies, and last but not least is Sonny, a Sheltie. Janeen is self employed, (Yippee for her), Creative Drapery/Design Interior and of course Three Acre Kennel. Janeen and her husband live in Comanche, OK and they have 2 daughters and 1 grandson.

martha1.. is owned by... Stormy, a Rottie, Jazz, a Black lab/whippet mix, Bingo, a Golden/collie mix, Sam, a Large Terrier mix, Amber, a Beagle, her kitties, Max(Orange tabby), Purzzy(Black), and Mocha, a Quarter Horse. Martha is an accountant in Northeastern, NJ.

Marvin... Otherwise known as Marvin ;o). He and wife Suzanne live in Dallas, TX USA and are owned by three Westies: Mandy, Ian Angus, and Cailee.

Mary... is owned by, two Australian Shepherds, Abbey, a blue merle, she has one blue eye and one brown, Duchess, a black tri. She volunteers at her local animal shelter, almost everyday. Before their aussies came into their lives they had the most wonderful little girl named Whitney. "She was our first dog as a married couple and she will always hold a special place in our hearts". Mary lives in Southern Minnesota with her wonderful husband Bill and her adorable daughter, Morgan.

Maxee's Mom... is owned by.. Brutus, a GSD, Cruiser, a Catahoula/Lab Mix, and their newest addition (and their 'first' baby together) Maxee, a black Lab. Elaine is a "transplant" from N.Y., who now lives in Atlanta, GA., with her very significant partner, Michael. Elaine has two grown daughters, and one, not-so-grown grandbaby, Jake who is 15 mos. old. To Jake she is known as "Nana Lane", and Michael is known as "Nano".

Megan's Mom... is owned by... Megan, a Bichon Frise. Ceil is an Administrative Assistant in Farmingdale, NY. Read more.

Michelle B.... is owned by.. Velvet, a Belgian Tervuren (CH Sandyhill Her Velvet Slipper), 14 years old, Angie, a Belgian Tervuren (Sanjen's Ecru Evengel), 10 years old, Flyer, ..you guessed it, a Belgian Tervuren (Sanjen If I Had Wings, 2 years old and THE FISH, Angel, Smokey, Eater, Ship, Wiggly, So Fast, Ship and 4 unnamed Tetras, (is anyone else howling here with me?..great names!!) Michelle manages a pet licensing program for the City of Austin, TX. She lives in Georgetown, TX with her dog loving children Jason (2) and Jasmine (1), as well as her husband, Joe......who she met when he sought help for his Terv pup with temperament problems! Who would have guessed? I love it!!

MichelleMM... is owned by Brandy, a GSD. Brandy was taken off the streets by Indianapolis Animal Control and then rescued by Carolyn. She also has three cats, Nuisance, Nosey, Whiskers and look for her at the Cat's Window Bulletin Board. Michelle is a 33 yr old federal government worker, and has been married to Mike for 2 yrs. She lives in Floyd Knobs, IN.

Mick's Mom... is owned by Mickey, (aka Michelob) a Lab/English Setter and Topper, a DSH cat. Mick and his littermates were left on someone's porch at the end of December at only 2 weeks old. Sue adopted him from Pet Adoption League when he was 6 1/2 weeks old, that was on Super Bowl Sunday 1991. Mickey developed a lot of fears (typical of a pup separated from it's Mother too soon), but they worked hard to overcome them, obedience classes were just the beginning. They stopped taking classes 2 years ago, they were training at the Open level. Sue is very proud that Mickey earned his CGC last December - a week before his 7th Birthday! Sue would like to put a UCD on him as well but isn't sure if that is going to happen now. Mickey has gone from a dog with little chance of survival to a dog that goes almost everywhere with his family and they get a lot of compliments on his behvior too...I sure hope they are good compliments LOL. Congrats to Mickey for earning his CGC and to Sue and family for taking the time and responsibility to make Mick a fine companion! Sue is a Mother, Houswife and part time Cafeteria and Playground Aide. She and her husband Ken have two children Rob 16 and Kole 10. They live in Washington Township, NJ.

mik...is owned by..Emma Lou, a Boston Terrier, Annie May, a Fawn Pug, Ellie May, a Black Pug, Butch, a Boxer, Ito, a Siamese Cat and Conrad, a Dove. Kim is a Special Education Teacher and lives in Idaho Falls, ID with her husband Arnie and their 4 children.

Millie's Mom... is owned by... Millie, an Austrailian Shepherd Mix, Coriander aka Cory, a Tabby Cat, and also some frogs and fish. Jennifer is an At Home Mommy and part-time faculty at various colleges. She and her husband John have 1 child and they live in Lakeside Park, KY.

Misty's Mom... is owned by...Sheba, a German Shepherd Dog, Misty, a Dalmatian and a Desert Tortoise. Rachel is a Secretary and lives in Central/Southern CA wth her husband Rich. Visit her home page!

MinMom... is owned by... Charmin, a 12 year old Blonde Cocker Spaniel, Guinness, a 2 year old MinPin, Bo, a 17 year old cat, Whiskers, a 10 year old Himalayan cat, Fred, a 10 year old Siamese cat and many Japanese Koi in the outdoor pond. Cindi is a CPA who runs her own accounting business from home. Cindi lives in Des Moines, IA with her husband Kent and they have 2 grown children.

Moonshadow, is owned by.. Murphy, Morocco, and Dayton, all Golden Retrievers. Morocco was rescued through GRRAND (Golden Retriever Rescue and Adoption of Needy Dogs). Dayton was a retired guide dog from the Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and carried the title CSC(Canine Senior Citizen)*BG*. Unfortunately Dayton passed away the day after Thanksgiving, 11-27-98. Otherwise known as Anne, she is married to George, and has one two-legged son named Chris. They live in Kentucky and love all kinds of outdoor activities.

Moose's Mom... is owned by... Moose (never to be forgotten or replaced in her heart.), a Hound, great dane, shepard, doberman mix....(passed away 4-10-98), Clyde, a Dalmatian / saved from being put down due to 100% deafness, Boo, a crazy female cat...gorgeous though / rescued, and Tazi-cat, a tomcat / rescued. Darlene lives in New York State where she is in life insurance sales and is a freelance artist.

Mrs. Siberian..is owned by.. Alberta, Nikita, and Flame, all Siberian Huskies. Pat lives in Rochester, NY. Click here to learn more about Pat and her Sibes!

Muttgirl...is owned by.. Seamus, the world's nicest Shar-Pei mix, aka Mr. No Ears, Animal Shelter Alumnis, fierce hunter of tennis balls, Simon, Purebred Big Hairy Brown Dog, relentless raider of garbage cans, went to the same school as Seamus (ie the Academy of the Dumped Dog) and Our Lady Of Mercy, Mercy, the original "what IS that?" dog constantly airborn, flyball prodigy. 26 pounds of heck on paws. Came from a rescue in CT and they're probably still recovering from her. Finnegan (but everyone calls her Finn or Jan) is a writer (like you couldn't tell from her bio), retail peon, sells mutt-pride stuff online and will have a web page coming soon (I can hardly wait for this). She lives in Olympia, WA with her husband, Joe.

Muttly..is owned by.. Tobi(L), a Pit/Lab mix??? and Rock diving Champ....she cleaned 110 rocks from the swimming area by their campsite one year :-) she is very serious about it!! Kylie(M)(her snuggle buddie), a White Shepherd Racey KC(R), a Pit/Shepherd mix??? All three girls are rescues and spayed:-) Carol is an Office Manager for a Computer Consulting Firm, and lives in Burton, Michigan, with her hubby David.

My Beagles' Mom... and hubby Bob of 17 yrs are both totally devoted, utterly in love with, and completely owned by their tri-colored, neutered beagle boys, Charlie *B* and Tucker. Their first boy was a black lab mix named Bandit who lived to be 14.5 before going on to the Rainbow Bridge. Click here to learn more about Carly.

Myhound... is owned by... Patriot, a greyhound....Ex Racer, Ms Paddingtond, a Yorkshire terrier Patti is an electronic tech and lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca, and has 3 sons.

Nak's Mom ...is owned by... Nakota, GSD, and "the Guys", 6ish year old Oscars (fish). Jenn lives in York, PA with her one "human" child. Visit her home page!

Neaner and Labs!... is owned by...Jake, a Black Labrador Retriever, Chloe, a Black Labrador Retriever, Maverick, a Yellow Labrador Retriever and Nick and Felix, DSH Kitties. Jeanine is a Teacher and lives in Milford, PA with her husband Dylan. Check out their home page.

Newfie ...is owned by... Sampson, formally known as Seafaring Black Bonito CD, a black Newfoundland, Emmett, formally known as Stonecrest Emmett Kelly CD, a black and white Newfoundland (also a Search and Rescue Dog), and Morgan, formally known as Kaylars Ahoy Thar Capn Morgan, a female Landseer puppy. Christine owns a dog grroming and boarding business and shows Emmett and Morgan in conformation as well as starting their own Search and Rescue organization, she's worked at vet clinics for 5 years and has judged a few obedience classes in her home town. Christine lives in Peshtigo, WI. Be sure to stop by her photo gallery as well as her home page.

Nic... is owned by.. Brando, an American Pit Bull Terrier and Tom Servo, a cat. Aimee is a Receptionist at an Animal Hospital in Portland, OR. Have a look at her home page.

Nickyboy is owned by... Nick, a Rottweiler, Dixie, a black and silver German Shepherd, and Sandy, a black and silver German Shepherd, Tiger, a gray tabby cat, Cocoa, a calico rabbit, and fishies including a blue gill, catfish and many others. Tiffany is an EMT, and she and her husband, Jason are the founders of a search and rescue organization in Missouri. They have a great Search and Rescue site, check it out along with the pages about their dogs.

Nina is owned by... Diablo, an Akita. Diablo was born 4/22/97 and he has a black face, black body with brindle markings, white paws with freckles and a white tip on his tail. Janina is an Engineer and lives in Knoxville, TN with her husband Preston.

OZdogs... is owned by.. Bess, an Australian Cattle Dog, Blaze, an Australian Kelpie, Matt, an Australian Kelpie, Sprite, a Corgi/Border Collie mix, Smudge, a cat, and Mouse, a horse. Kristin lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband, David. Take a look at their home page.

Pat... is owned by.. Targa, a German Shepherd Dog (deceased), Abby, a German Shepherd Dog and a Bunny and a Parakeet. Pat is a housewife and live in Aliquippa, PA with her husband Ed. Click here, to visit their page.

Pawprint AKA Sheila from Boise, Idaho, who spends entirely too much time at the Idaho Humane Society. In addition to husband and kids her family includes: Annie, a Pointer mix adopted in CO, Molly, a Aussie/Husky mix also adopted in CO, P.D. (AKA Pig Dog), a Terrier/Chihuahua mix adopted in ID, Sam, (the cat who started it all), adopted in OR, Spencer, adopted in OR, Kai, a cockatiel (actually purchased from a reputable breeder), Casper, an English Budgie (bought him too), and Butch, her newest addition, a MinPin.

Peanuts Mom... is owned by... Peanut, Baby, and Charlie, all Dachshunds. Peggy is an RN and she and her 17 year old daughter live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Visit her home page, those little snausages are adorable!

Peke-Mom is 29, lives in New York City and works as a journalist. She is the proud mom of Mr. Chubbs, an adopted Pekinese. He has epilepsy, so she is happy to answer questions about that. Read more here.

Petnut... is owned by.. Barney and Sammy, American Cocker Spaniels, Chevy a Retired Racing Greyhound, Miss B, a Persian Cat, and 2 Cockatiels She is an Office Manager in Atlanta, GA. Click here to read about Deborah's rescues.

Phoxx ..previously owned by... Max - Alsatian cross Wolf. She is currently owned by... Classy calendula (Teala), a Dalmatian and Scarbattan Totem Dancer (Reef), a GSD puppy. Phoxx lives in the UK with her 2 children where she is a Licensee. Visit her home page.

Pom-Mom, aka, Shari is 27 and lives in Oklahoma with her husband and furry animal babies. She is also known as Gambit's Meowmie on the Cat BB. Her family includes: Nigel, a 6 month old Pomeranian and Gambit, a 2 year old cat.

Poochini... is owned by.. Bear(Rescue), a cockapoo, Shelby , a Bichon Frise, Bogey, a St. Bernard(Rescue), Bart, a St. Bernard(Rescue ), Vivaldi, a canary, Caruso, a Canary, Adele, a Norwegian Dwarf Bunny 11 years old!, Emiwy Wouise, a Chocolate Polish Dwarf Bunny, Emmit, a Holland Lop Bunny. Robin is an Engineer's wife and critter mom and lives in Tulsa, OK. with said engineer, Dale. Visit her home page!

Powder's mom is owned by.. Powder, a Great Pyrenees Solo(Mom's dog:-), a Special Blend, And there is a new addition to the Pyr household ! Pep-cee is a 7 month old rescue, rescued from The Michigan Great Pyrenees Rescue. She also has Montegue (Poonch), and Pelli, her cats. She is an Administrative Assistant, and lives in Allen Park, Michigan with her husband, Michael. Click here to read more about Jennifer.

PT... is owned by.. Charlie, a Cocker Spaniel. Zora is an Analytical Chemist in Raleigh, NC.

Pudelin'... is owned by... Tracy, a Std.Poodle. Barbara has 2 children. Read more.

Pukah... is owned by three Afghan Hounds, Sheba, Lily, and Winston. She is an Economist and lives in Kingston, NY with her husband, Evan. Vist Marilyn's web page to find out why she loves Afghans so much!

Puppy Luv... ...is owned by... Rudy - 2 year old Golden Retriever, Twister - 1 year old Golden Retriever, and Nikki - 5 month old Golden Retriever. Then there are the real characters...Jax, a rare Yellow Budgie and Mason, a Blue Budgie, they both sing to the tune of the dogs barking. Can you believe it? How funny! Char lives in Lockport, Illinois with her husband, Jon, where she is a full time student. Check out The Golden Gang

Pupr... is owned by Oliver, a black/silver GSD, Matilda, a black cat, Gollum, a red headed parrot, a tank of fish, and a hermit crab! Lynn has been married to Dan for twenty years and they live in Corpus Christi, TX. She works for a shcool district running a mainframe computer and goes to college at night.

Pyrwoman... is owned by.. Noah, a Great Pyrenees.

Queen Pom... is owned by.. Shadow...the man of the house...black pom/4 pounds, Cheyenne...Shadow's Mom ....orange pom/5 pounds, Velvet...the whimp of the house and #1 barker!...blue pom/4 pounds, Cocoa...the baby of the house...cream sable/ will be about 3-4 pounds when grown, Oreo...the tiny one...black-parti/3 pounds, and Queen's Court Show Me Da' Money, "Cash" She is married to Bob, has three kids and lives in Cohoes, NY. She is a vet tech and full-time all breed dog and cat groomer. Susan owns Queen's Court Pomeranians. Click here to learn more!

Queenie II... is owned by.. Queenie, an American Bull Dog, Angel, Annie, Littlebit, Teddy, Fozy and Bubbles, all small mixed breed dogs. Karen is a Homemaker and Dog Rescue Person. She and her husband, Donald have 2 children and live in Sumrall, MS. To learn more about Karen and her dogs click here!

Rabbit... is owned by.. Wingmasters pasta And Jazz (Pasta), a German Shorthair Pointer, Princess, an English Setter, Lightning Sound (Studlee), a Thoroughbred gelding, Dont Scream At me (Scream), an Appendix Quarter Horse gelding, Spare Me The Details (Taylor), an Appendix Quarter Horse filly, Skamper, a Calico kitty and Milkshake, a White Deaf kitty. Jan is an educator of music and lives in Saint Marys, OH with her husband George. To learn more about them visit their home page.

Red Hot Shibas... is owned by..two Shiba Inu's, Flambeaux (who recently finished her Championship!!!) and Iko(almost there!) Iko finished on 3-1-98!! Yipee!! Her Boyfriend/dogdaddy is Dave and they live in New Orleans, LA. Click here to learn more about Mary and those Red Hot Shibas(love the name!)click here!

Rosie... is owned by.. Mickey, a Springer/Cocker Mix, Chumply, a Black Lab and lots of kitties. Rosie is in shipping and receiving and lives with her husband Randy in Tilleda, WI.

Rott'n Dad... is owned by Athena, a female Rottweiler. Athena carries the title of *CGC*(Canine Good Citizen)*yeah!*. John does Obedience, agility, and maybe herding later this fall with Athena. Click here to learn more about John and Athena.

Rott'n Dobie Mom... is owned by.. Hobo - a Collie mix rescued from the wilds. Tyler - a Rottie (currently just a 'pet') and Kristy - a Dobie (her show dog). She has had show/rescue dogs since 1975. Her cause in life is rescueing (and placing) cats, she has done this for over 20 yrs. If you would like to learn more about Carol click here, and don't forget to check out her all breed message board "K-9 Corner"!!

Rottieluvr is owned by.. Marlo, a Rottweiler. Kristine lives in Burlington Ontario, Canada.