That's all I'm asking for, 32 cents, and a few moments of your time to help dogs like Missy, who is a puppy mill survivor, and the thousands of other precious dogs who are Prisoners of Greed.

Dog lovers around the world are aware of the horrendous problem of Puppy Mills. The plain truth of the matter is, if AKC stops registering the dogs, the puppy mills will be OUT OF BUSINESS.

Hearts United is actively involved in encouraging the AKC to stop the misery!

Please print out the letter, sign it and mail it to:

Hearts United for Animals
Box 286
Auburn, NE 68305

I thank you, as do all the suffering animals that are trapped in these prisons.

If you would like to know more about Puppy Mills, please visit the following locations.

Dog Owner's Guide to Puppy Mills

Puppy Mills Information and Updates

Critter Haven

Hearts United for Animals

Missy's English Springer Spaniel Page

Please feel free to make copies of the letter and give them to your friends.

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