ACME Friends: M through R MACGYVER’S MOM NEW! also known as Sue. Lives with hubby Jeff and the following children in the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: Alex, 6 yr old male human Sam, 9 month old male human Jeff’s Sweet Angus MacGyver, 2 yr old male (neutered) German Shepherd Dog A "to be named" 3 month old (probably) Burmese cat. Sue figures the perfect dog to be a hairless one (as she prepares to "de-fur" the newly crawling human baby for the umpteenth time today) HaHa. Also, if you’re ever in the U.P., you’ve got to have a pasty (pronounced pass-tee), but always ask the locals who has the best tasting ones. "Say ya to da U.P., eh?" MONTANA also known as Chris is married with no kids. Her family includes: Tanner, a year old Shiloh Shepherd Kola, a mixed terrier They also have a cat named Caspurr and a horse named Strider. They live in very rural Montana about 25 miles from Missoula. ACME has somehow triggered a writing craze, until she becomes a famous author ;o) she spends her days fixing computers and hanging out with her husband and pets. MARSHA lives in Lumberton, Texas. She has two grown daughters, and 4 grandchildren, (2 boys and 2 girls). Her family also includes: Prissy, Bubba, Sarah, Jr., Buffy, and Charlee. All Maltese. FeeBee, a Cocker mix P.D. (short for puppy dog), a Basset Hound 3 cats, a bird, and a bunch of squirrels. MARVIN Otherwise known as Marvin ;o). He and wife Suzanne live in Dallas, TX USA and have two Westies: Ian Angus, 11 months old Cailee, 6 years old. MARY Mary lives in southern Minnesota and has a 6 year old daughter. Family also includes: Duchess, an Australian Shepherd Abbey, an Australian Shepherd puppy Whitney, her tribute. Mary's other interests include fostering dogs for a local animal shelter and the humane society. MICHELE Z Michele is 28, female, and married. She lives on a 40 acre farm in South Dakota. She and her husband have 4 cattle, 5 dogs, 2 horses and 3 snakes. More about the dogs: Grizzly Bear and Hershey are two Labradors that are "farm dogs" and guard everything outside. Two GSDs; Hannah and Enzo. Sadly, Enzo passed unexpectedly over the rainbow bridge on July 3rd 1997. He was well loved and is missed very much. Hannah is 1 year old and Michele is training her for obedience. Kookie, is an 8 LB Rat Terrier mix. MOIRA is married and has two teenage sons. The eldest is a computer whiz, and the youngest is a dog lover (see BARKING GHOST). Their family includes: Kisha, a 3 year old 3/4 Golden Retriever/1/4 Flat Coated Retriever. Moira trained her with some help, and now get regular compliments on how well Kisha is trained. Anyone interested in Schipperkes can contact her at She is also willing to help people with questions about children and pets, as they have had many different pets. MOONSHADOW Otherwise known as Anne. She is married to George, has one two-legged son named Chris and three four-legged Golden Retriever sons named Murphy, Morocco (a rescued dog) and Dayton, a retired guide dog from Guiding Eyes for the Blind. He is almost 14 years old and carries the title CSC (Canine Senior Citizen) *BG*. They live in Kentucky and love all kinds of outdoor activities. MC (previously MAYNARD) Maynard and Caroline live in New York and their family consists of themselves and their only "child" Jake, a 3 month old Golden Retriever. MOMMIEDOG is 37, lives in Chicago and is a physical therapist. She also taught basic dog obedience for a few years. Her family also includes: Kibo, a 7 year old Airedale. MULTIMUTTS Patricia is married to Richard and they live in New Hampshire where they share their home with an assortment of fish, a ferret named Alergnon, and 5 retired ex-racing greyhounds: Stevie, a red fawn/white "puppy in charge" Harry, a black and white 80 lb. lap dog Amber, a dark brindle/white soon to be therapy dog Amy, a small black sentry, more like a tornado/Pit Bull cross in a greyhound suit Whizzard, a white/brindle boy who is very shy and still believes he has to listen and obey obedience commands. OUR GIRL JAKE E-mail Gillian Ward (age 36) and her husband Jim Ogden (age 42) live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Jake is their Lab/Shepherd/Border Collie/?? mix, born Nov. 18, 1995. She is a spayed female receiving special training for some fear aggression problems. She is doing very well and Gillian and Jim are learning TONS! Other family members include: 5 cats: Magic (female), Dandy, Lucifer (Lucy), Bo, and Tabasco - (all males). 2 adult Lovebirds: Larry Bird (female) and Diva (male) 35 fish who shall remain nameless. It appears that they have a name/gender problem at their house! Gillian would like us all to know that Jim named the dog, not her! PAM Pam lives in Arizona and has 4 dogs: Leah, a Sheltie Thai, a Chow Puff, a Samoyed Zena, a mixed breed. PATI is a psychologist and lives with her husband in southern Michigan. Family also includes: Chamonix, 2 year old Sheltie Jaspaar, 1 year old Sheltie. Chamonix and Jaspaar hope to get into agility if they can find a class that isn't too far for their mom to drive them. 4PAWS NEW! AKA Lori is 33, single, and lives in New Jersey. She has been an EMT for over 7 years and is also an LPN. (Going for her RN soon!) She shares her house (and every piece of furniture!) with: Fire: a 2 1/2 yr. old GSD and three kitties: Max, Kitty, and Zanzibar. She is interested in getting into agility with Fire and has recently become involved in obedience competitions with her. She is not directly involved with rescue, but helps out friends whenever she can. PAWPRINT AKA Sheila from Boise, Idaho, who spends entirely too much time at the Idaho Humane Society. In addition to husband and kids her family includes: Annie, a 10 year old Pointer mix adopted in CO Molly, a 10 year old Aussie/Husky mix also adopted in CO P.D. (AKA Pig Dog), a 9 year old Terrier/Chihuahua mix adopted in ID Sam, (the cat who started it all), 15 years old, adopted in OR Spencer, 9 year old cat adopted in OR Kai, a cockatiel (actually purchased from a reputable breeder) Casper, an English Budgie (bought him too). PHYLLIS is married with 2 children. She shows and breeds Siberian Huskies. Family includes: Atticca, mom dog Choice, son. PEANUT'S MOM AKA Peggy AKA PM and to certain BBrs, just Mom. 48 year old hospice in rural Arkansas and has a 15 year old daughter and 3 Miniature Dachshunds: Baby, 7 year old black & tan Peanut, 3 year old red Charlie, Peanuts 1 year old puppy. Peggy enjoys all animals, occasionally breeds dogs, and collects Dachsie figurines. PEGGY Peggy and her husband Jay live in Michigan where she works part time doing clerical work for three orthopedic surgeons. Peggy has two married kids. Her family also includes: Terra, a 12 1/2 year old Westie Giaco(Jocko), a 1 year old Westie. PEKE-MOM is 29, lives in New York City and works as a journalist. She is the proud mom of Mr. Chubbs, a 5 or 6 year old adopted Pekinese. He has epilepsy, so she is happy to answer questions about that. PENNY lives in Southern California with her family zoo which includes: Birdie, 9 yr. old Lab Bogie, 1 yr. old Lab rescue Gunner, 6 month old ?Beagle? rescue Sheeby, 3 yr. old Dachshund rescue As well as 3 cockatiels and a number of miniature hamsters. POM-MOM Shari is 27 and lives in Oklahoma with her husband and furry animal babies. She is also known as Gambit's Meowmie on the Cat BB. Her family includes: Nigel, a 6 month old Pomeranian Gambit, a 2 year old cat. PUPPY LUV also known as Char. She is 27, married, and lives in Lockport Illinois. She works at the Chicago Board of Trade and is in Nuclear Radiology school. Her children are: Rudy, a 1 year old Golden Retriever. Full name Driftwood's Charming Rudolph. His grandfather was the dog model for Upjohn so Rudy is famous by association :o). Oliver Twist, known as Twister for short, is a Golden Retriever puppy. Char's other interests include possible vet school in the future. RAVYN'S MOM She lives in St. Louis Missouri with her husband where she is a housewife. Her babies include (deep breath!): Trouble, a 7 year old black American Cocker Spaniel Ravyn, a 2 year old red and black GSD Jericho, 6 month old black and tan GSD Jericho is now a Rainbow Angel. He is loved and missed very much. Shyloe, a parti-colored female American Cocker Spaniel puppy Simba, 2 year old cat Pebbles, 2 year old cat Flurry, 6 month old Netherlands Dwarf bunny Oreo, 8 month old guinea pig (guess his color) Cookie, 8 month old guinea pig (Oreo's wife) Her other interest are obedience work and computers. REBECCA & ELTON Rebecca is a single Leo, 27 years old. She lives in Central California. Her family included: Elton, a 2 year old neutered field-bred English Springer Spaniel, otherwise known as Sir Elton of Cadbury (he was chocolate brown and came to live with Rebecca the week before Easter). Sadly Elton was put to sleep due to genetic problems in the Spring of 1997. He is remembered fondly by us all. RENEE Renee is 45 yrs old and lives in Homosassa, Florida. Her family includes: Mike - the husband Buddy - a 3 year old, black & white Cocker-Peke - a truly handsome fellow Heidi - a 6 month old Pekeapoo, who is the thorn in Buddy's side Sassy - the best dog in the world, gone but not forgotten. Sadly, Sassy went to the Rainbow Bridge in the Spring of 1997. Bonkers - a 13 year old Tabby cat, who has used way more than her 9 lives RILEY'S MOM otherwise known as Laura, is 33 and lives in Rochester, NY where they have 2 seasons: Winter and Construction. She also has a Golden Retriever named Riley, who is a challenge, but is loved so much. Graphics from E-mail go home This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page