ACME Friends: S through Z SALLY Sally lives in outback Queensland, Australia on 400 acres. Sally's passion is raising orphans: wallabies, kangaroos, possums, and many native birds. Along with cows/calves, lambs, geese, ducks and chooks (chickens?) her family also includes: Tess, a Ridgeback/Dingo/Red Cattle dog mix, 4 years old Jill, a Red Cattle/Kelpie mix Sally also has a regular job (bummer!) - you know how it is with those home loans! SAMSON'S MOM AKA Wendy, lives in Beachville, ON with her husband Hans (both 23). They are owned by Samson, their 2 year old German Shepherd Dog. Samson has his CGC and they would like to start him in agility, except he has a little bit of a problem coming off lead! Samson was in their wedding as ring-puppy and he "stood" up for them. For being 8 months old at the time he did extremely well. Certainly eased their nervousness...especially when he "spoke" during one of the questions! Wendy would like to eventually start her own business (dog related of course) so she can be a stay at home mom for Samson and future??? children. They are expecting their 2nd GSD to be born in mid-July (female this time) and THIS puppy doesn't stand a chance...they KNOW all the cute puppy antics that develop into bad habits!! SANDI is our dedicated bulletin board vet! She is 27 and lives in New Orleans. Family also includes: Amber, a Welsh Corgi mix. Sadly, Amber passed away on 5/29/97. Sarah, a German Shepherd mix Serenity, a "Heinz 57" who keeps her mom very busy chasing her around and stopping her from chewing on stuffed animals, shoes, mom's beeper, etc. Sandi is hoping that eventually she will live up to her name. ;o) Pepper and Cherie are her sister's Toy Poodle and Bichon that reside with her frequently and are considered "permanent" residents Bambi, a squirrel that Sandi raised as an orphan and attempted to release, but who now refuses to leave. SCOOTS AKA Christine, a 33 year old accountant, married and lives in NY. They have no children of the two legged variety. They own a 3 year old GSD Quincy, and Christine owns a yearling appaloosa named Scooter. Christine is involved in both obedience and agility classes with Quincy. SHEILA is married with 4 grown daughters and 1 grandson. She and her husband live in Africa, where she works at the University in Johannesburg. Dog training is her hobby. Family also includes: Alix, a 15 year old GSD (sadly the "Grand Lady" passed over the Rainbow Bridge in the late Spring of 1997.) Kelly, 5 1/2 year old GSD working towards her obedience championship Holly, a "pavement special" (mix) who is very cute and cheeky! Carla, a German Shepherd female born June 13, 1997 Ziggy, 16 year old cat Gandalf, 9 year old Maine Coon Moppett, 2 year old rescue Maine Coon. SHEILA2 is married for 12 years, has 2 boys (10 and 8 yrs old). They live in South Carolina. They have just started breeding their Chow-Chows: Keisha, Makita, and Buster. At the present time they have 15 adorable furbabies! Their family also includes Stinky the cat, Wendell and Pig-Pig, pot-bellied pigs, and a duck who thinks he is a pig - he sleeps and eats with them and follows them around like they are his family! SHELBY lives on Foxglove Farm in Northern Indiana with: Woody, a 220 lb. Old English Mastiff Norman, an ancient Golden Retriever Cliff, a Jack Russell Terror. SIBE NEW! AKA Eileen is a dogsledder living in the weirdest climate for sledding; Terrace, B.C. Canada, the home of the white Black Bear "Kermode". She lives with a very understanding hubby and thirteen (still counting) Siberian Huskies and one 15 yr. old Chihuahua. She is a published writer and photographer and you will never guess what her subject is! She is also a grandmother with 6 (still counting) grandchildren, and three grown up kids. SIBERIAN and MRS. SIBERIAN NEW! Siberian is a professional dog handler who is right now handling Shiloh Shepherds in the ring at rare breed shows. He teaches obedience on the side. They own two Siberian Huskies: Nikita has her TDI and CGC as well as two legs towards her CD. Flame is a lovely red Siberian that they bought for conformation. Siberian and Mrs. Siberian are very active in their husky club: He is VP and she is secretary. SIRIUS Leena lives in Finland. Her family includes: Siri, a Samoyed Fani, a Finnish Lapphund Tuikku, a Thoroughbred mare Sandi, Tuikku's filly who was born on May 8th, 1997. SPANIELLUVR AKA Dixie Westmoreland is married and lives in Covington, Georgia. She is involved with the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of GA, and is contemplating becoming involved in Cavalier rescue. Her family includes: Misty, 7 year old tri-colored American Cocker Spaniel, adopted from rescue. She has her CGC and is a certified therapy dog Katie, 8-10 year old buff American Cocker Spaniel. A badly abused rescue dog, she now has her CGC and is a certified therapy dog Cricket, also known as Tinker. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - he is training for obedience and therapy work Chipper, a previously stray cat adopted last year - has been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia. SPOT Spot is an RN from Ontario, Canada. She shares her dog house with hubby and two teenage girls. She is owned and operated by three spots: Elmer, 3 yr. old Dalmatian Annie, 3 yr. old Dal. Best friends with Elmer Oscar, 4 month old Dalmatian puppy. The three spots are ruled by: Chester, a 12 yr. Old Himalayan. STACEY has been married to her husband Rick for a year. Her family also includes: Cosmo, a 2 yr. old male fawn Pug Zoe, a 1 * yr. old female Greyhound/Pit Bull mix. TABBY e-mail NEW! Teresa Scott is 38 yrs old, married 14 yrs to David. They live 35 mi. south of Charleston WV, and have two step-daughters (Julie 24, Melissa 21). She is the district sales coordinator for major company and her husband is owner/operator of a barbershop. They love to collect antiques, go to flea-markets and play with their animals. They are also the proud parents of the following Boxers: Abner, 5 yr. old male Bridgette, 6yr old female DeeDee, 3 yr. old female (6 puppies born 8-2-97) Last, but not least, their cat named Madison. TAWNI'S MOM e-mail AKA Gina. She is happily married to James and they live in Houston, Texas with their 2 year old daughter. They are owned by: Tawni, a female GSD/Collie mix Umbra, a fixed female cat. TAZZ'S MOM also known as Kristi, is a 23 year old Ambulance Dispatcher from Oklahoma. Her family includes: Destiny, a newly adopted 2 year old Dalmatian Stormy, a Snowshoe Siamese Cat Chuckie, a black and white cat Tazz, a Chinchilla also 5 Guinea Pigs...and...a husband! TEDDIE'S MOM also known as Dara. She lives with her husband in Atlanta Georgia were she is an office manager at Emory University. Family also includes: Teddie, a 3 year old Corgi mix (looks like a teddy bear, plus Dara got her on Elvis's birthday). THE LONEWOLF Julie MacArthur is 20 years old and lives in Nanaimo BC. She is currently getting her BA at Malaspina University-College. "Pack" includes: Buddi, 12 year old Collie/English Springer Spaniel mix Kena, 8 year old Rough Collie/Husky mix Shassi, 4 year old Shiba Inu Gremlin, cat Puttee, cat. Other interests: Chocolate!! TINIDOGZ AKA blacatz, AKA Louise. Married 30 years to George, no children. They live in San Antonio Texas. Family includes: COCO, a 4 1/2 year old Chihuahua Yvette, a cat G.C., her son (also a cat). TNT Tammy is 29 years old and lives in Northern California. She has worked for the last 10 years with disabled children and adults. Her family consists of: Boo Boo, a 12 year old Chihuahua/Pom mix Brandy, a 1 1/2 years old Shepherd mix Bailey, an 10 month old Queensland Heeler mix Toby, a 10 year old canary Toby went over the Rainbow Bridge on January 5th 1998. Peaches, a 9 month old love bird. Peaches is now a rainbow angel. She is missed very much. Sunnee, a 9 month old Peach Face Pied Love Bird. TOBY Also known as Beverly, lives in southern Indiana. She is a radiological technologist specializing in MR and CT (cat scans). Her family consists of: Abby, a 4 yr. old Maltese, who had surgery on both knees this past summer for torn ligaments Toby , a 2 yr. old Shih Tzu who just finished his basic obedience class, and will soon begin his Canine Good Citizen classes soon. Beverly hopes that he will become a therapy dog. VALERIE Valerie lives in San Pedro, CA with her husband Terry, a high school English teacher. She works as a copywriter for an art and nature CD-ROM publishing company. Their baby is: Butch, an 11 1/2 year old Lab/GSD mix. (Also known as "Big Head", "Babaface", and "Big Man".) He is just like a person, only with fur. Butch is LOVE, LOVE, and MORE LOVE (and only posed for his picture because the photographer was holding up a bone!) V.T. NEW! e-mail AKA Diane Zima is a certified vet tech and has worked 20 years in the field. She currently has: Brutus, a Rodesian Ridgeback mix Skittles , a five month old female calico cat Dozer,a one year old Russian Blue male Peep , a female Cockateil. All are rescues through the clinic she works at. Diane loves to help others on the board as much as possible in her spare time. WinnieNEW! AKA Heather lives in Nanaimo, B. C., Canada. Her family includes: Bayleigh, a two yr. old female spayed Lab mix Griffin, a 6 month old male neutered Dalmatian. I would highly suggest you check out her's very nice and well put together! WOLFWALKER Also known as Sheila. Family includes: Gilman, a 3 year old German Shorthaired Pointer - a rescue dog Bear, a 3 year old Lab who has HD Captain, a 3 year old Cairn Terrier Gilman suffers separation anxiety, so Sheila is an expert in that area. Graphics from E-mail go home This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page