Boot's Mum's Rescues

All of my animals, with the exception of my 2 APHA horses, are rescues. Boot was the victim of his first owner's inability to cope as he was "too much Puppy" for her, and his second owner's fear of dogs. They thought he would make a "swell" police dog as he was large and aggressive. So, we got him at age 2 weighing 100 lbs. with no discipline, no manners, and no housetraining.

Sheila and Digger are the same cross, but not related. Both were neglected, flea infested and badly in need of TLC. My husband and I do what we can for the abused and abandoned that come our way.

Boot's Mum... is owned by... Hill's Desert Storm(aka Boot), a German Shepherd, Sheila(left), a Lab/Aussie cross, and Digger(right), a Lab/Aussie cross. She also has 13 cats, 3 horses, and 1 rabbit. She is an Accreditation Administrator. Dianne and her husband Jimmy live in Dunnellon, FL and have one "non-fur-covered" child:-) Click here to learn more about Dianne.