AlainZ... is owned by... Zorc, a German GSD, Hannah, a Czech GSD, Kookie, a Rat Terrier Chihuahua mix, Grizzy, a Black Lab, Hershey, a Chocolate Lab, Bo and Pete, Geldings, and Squeezy, an Albino Californian King Snake. Alain is married to Michele, visit their home page.

AlsleyPug... is owned by Alsley, a pug(duh;-). She is an accounting system analyst who lives in Florida with her two teenage daughters. Read about her rescues. If you would like to learn more about Mary and the oh-so-adorable Alsley click here. owned by Chloe, a red female Dachshund, Jaz, a male Golden Retriever, Jeana, a black and tan female rescued Dachsuhund, Maggie, a Lab/Dal, and Precious Pup, a female red rescued Dachshund. Andra is 32 yrs old and lives in Memphis, TN. She is a computer programmer. If you would like to learn more about Andra, click here.

Angel... is owned by.. Angel, Pieces, and Bubba, all St. Bernards. She also has two horses, Chantilly and Sierra. Jenny is a Restaurant Assistant Manager, and lives in Fallon, Nevada with her husband, Chris and her 2 boys. She loves Saints because they are cute, cuddly, and BIG! They have a gentle nature and easygoing disposition. owned by Hwang Jae (5 yr old male), Mee Sook (6 yr old female), Soo Nee (1.5 yr old female), Bok Soon (1.5 yr old female), all Jindos. She's a grad student at Arizona State University, but her home-home is Phoenix, Arizona. If you would like to learn more about Ann click here.

ArmyGirl... is owned by.. Kirby's Blade Runner ("Danny"), an English Cocker Spaniel. Meritxell is a Female officer in the Spanish Army. Read about how she got Danny. owned by Bear, a 6 year old Lab/Chow mix, Petey, a 9 year old Peke-a-poo, Horse, a 3 year old Lab/Shepherd (horse) mix, Stinky, a 1 year old Pit mix, Sampson, a 5 year old German Shepherd. Telock, Purcey, Beetlejuice, and Baby Cat round out the pack nicely. All his animals are rescues. Please visit his rescue page! He lives in St. Louis, MO with his significant other, Paul. Astro owns Bark Avenue Grooming and is active(to say the least) in rescue. If you want to learn more about Randy click here owned by Jack, an AKC (All Kinds of Canine) American Cookie Hound, Lady, a Siberian Husky (foster dog), Kiz, (short for Kismet), a brown tabby, rescued as a feral, Casey, brother of Kix, gray Tabby and Archie, a brown tabby rescued tomcat. Jan lives in Orlando, FL where she is a Graphic Artist. Check out her Home Page.

Banners owned by.. Banner, a GSD, Pug, a Pug/Pit Mix, Bear, a Chow Mix, Coco, a GS Mix, Sox(Coco's sister), a GS Mix, Candy, a Poodle, Baron, a LH Dachsund, Nikki, a Pom, TT, a Toy Poodle, and Smokey a Toy Poodle, Carolyn is an Administrative Assistant in Indianapolis, IN. Read more about Carolyn.

Basenji owned by Cleopatra and Patch, Basenjis, Pooh Bear, a 3 year old rescued Shar-Pei, Speedy, a 7 year old cat, and Billy, a cockatiel. Basenji Mom is 49 years old and an ex-teacher, bank teller, program director for autistic children, and welfare caseworker. She has two grown children and a new daughter-in-law. She lives in Greenwood, Indiana. To learn more about Mary and her Basenji rescues, click here.

Basset owned by..Hershey, a Lab/Springer cross, 10 years old, Annabelle, a Basset Hound, 1 year old, Matilda, a Basset Hound, 8 months old, and Sasha, a DSH Cat who won't tell how old she is. Wanda is a Professional Volunteer. She is married to Neal and lives in Klamath Falls, Or with their children Allen, 10 and Kimberly, 8. owned by.. Bluegrass Been Jammin', CD, OA (aka Ben or Rotten Dog), an Aussie, Dixie, a Border Collie, Red, a Border Collie, Killer, a Female Cat, and Bubba, a Male Cat. Becky is Self Employed and has one son. They live in Louisville, KY but are moving to Lexington in the near future. Read more about Becky.

Becky M.... is owned by... Mollie, a border collie/sheltie mix and Zues, a red heeler. Becky and hubby Chris live in Bryan, TX, where she is a nursing student. owned by.. Spencer, Golden Mix, Chindi, Pitt Bull, Maddie & Mugsy, Bostons, Dugan, Irish Terrier, Freeway, Bichon mix, Shelby, Collie, Jasmine, a something mix, Scuzzle Butt, (aka" the devil himself in a dog suit) Old English mix, Chance, Dalmatian Fletcher, Dalmatian (the baby) and K.C., Golden Retiever. Her kitties: Alex, Stubby, Penelope, J.T.,kitty, Mr. Little, Stormy, Simba, Maui, blue & gold Macaw, Frankie, noble Macaw, Skippy and Molly, pygmy goats and lots of ducks and geese. Beth is a pet store owner/dog groomer and she and her husband Rick live in Uniontown, Pa.

B.G.'s mommy... is owned by.. B.G., a Yellow Labrador. Diane is a teacher and lives in Riverside, CA with her hubby Rich. Read about how she got B.G.

Bluburd is owned by...oh my where do I begin? LOL. Robin's motto is "Always room for one more" and she means it!! Hoping I get them all down here are the animals Robin and her husband Chuck share their hearts and home with... Bud, a Border Collie/Rott mix, Lou, a Border Collie/Chow mix (Bud's brother), Foots, a chow mix, Dingo, purebred Austrailian Cattle Dog, Blu, Blue Tick Hound/Beagle Mix, Scratch, GSD mix, Tu, Mouse and Snow, mixed, all sisters, Shake, mix, Libby, Lab mix, Zip, Lab mix, Scamp, Collie mix, Chance, Golden Retriever mix, Choice, mix, Hefty, Mac, Spot, Lab (boys), Yodel and Bus (girls), Lab mix, all siblings, Kittles, Pit Bull mix, Kristmas, mix, Pup, mix, Jet, Fiest mix, Lucky, Great Dane mix, Red, mix, Tater, Great Dane mix, Skeeter, Lab mix, Puff, mix, Fox, mix, Screech, mix , Neesee and Squirt, Dachshund mix brothers, Slim, mix....and now for the kitties... Fred and Ethel, tabby brother and sister, Cheddar, girl kitty, Bela, Blue Calico, Twurp, Calico (Bela's sister), Tabitha, Magic, and Boo! (all sisters),, kitties......then there are some horses.... Dolly, Quater/Arabian horse , Liz and her son Kody, Percheron Draft horse, Skinny-Minny, a horse, ...and some burros too... Siobhan, a formerly wild Burro and her son Jimmy C., not wild....last but not least, how could they be complete without Jessie, the Box Turtle? This list is subject to be expanded at any given moment LOL. Robin is a #1 Ranch Hand, a part-time Bookeeper, now and then veterinarian assistant, wildlife rescue volunteer and of course a dog/cat/horse/whatever rescue person. She and Chuck live in Centreville, AL and she promises a web page to come!!

BlueCarmelMom is owned by...Mr. Blue, a Catahoula and Carmel, a domestic kitty. Mary is married to Jon and they live in Ann Arbor, MI where Mary is a Student Advisor.

Brandi is owned by.. Amaris'Dartanion Rex,CGC,TDINC (Doberman). She has two "human" children and she is a trainer/instructor, NKC Judge & Lic Breed Inspector. Brandi lives in Littlerock, CA. Visit her home page owned by.. Ch. Oskar CD,STDd,CGC,PET PARTNER TD, Australian Shepherd, Misty CD,CGC, Australian Shepherd, Ch. Gabby CGC, Australian Shepherd, Fable CGC, Australian Shepherd, Ruger, Rottweiler , Spice, Feline DSH, Golieth, Nubien Goat, Ewe #1, Montedale sheep, Lamb Ewe #2 & Lamb Wether#3 (twins), Montedale sheep, and Ram #1, Suffolk. Brandon and his wife Talena live in Prineville,OR. owned by.. Sophie, a Yellow Labrador. Brigitte and hubby Jeff live in Elmira, ON, where they are expecting their first human litter:-) Don't forget to visit their web page!

Callie's Mom... is owned by.. Callahan, an American Pit Bull Terrier. Kim has recently received her Master's Degree in Counseling (CONGRATS!!!) and is the Director of the Teen and Adolescent program at the local YWCA in Plainfield, NJ. Read more about Kim. And Callie is a cyber-space celebrity with her new web sure to check it out.

Capsmokey and Ma Barker... are owned by Smokey and Fuego, six year old and 6 month old Dalmatians(what else?) Caps is a firefighter and Ma is full-time warden of Smokey and Fuego(alias Wally and the Beav). They live in Virginia If you would like to learn more about Karen and Ralph click here. owned by Trinket, a black 3 1/2 yr. old male Miniature Poodle who loves putting his adopted brother in his place, and rolling his favorite ball down the steps, and Pepe , a silver 6 yr. old male Miniature Poodle who loves sharing a spoon of peanut butter with his brother (one licking each side of the spoon) and chasing rabbits out of the yard. She is a married computer systems analyst from the St. Louis area. Carolynís interests also include volunteering at the Humane Society of Missouri Large Animal Rehabilitation Center

Caryl... is owned by... Dakota, a Sable Collie, and Tiny, a 9 year old Green-Cheeked Conure. Caryl is an Accountant and lives in Washingtonville, NY with her husband Bill and their 2 children. owned by Oscar, a 2 year old miniature dachshund and Crash, a monstrous 7 month old Great Dane/ Rottweiler mix. Casey also has a horse and 3 guinea pigs. Other interests include teaching aerobics and working with high school kids. She is 32, lives in Southern California and works for a pharmaceutical company. To learn more about Casey, click here.

Chadsey... is owned by Pepper, a Dalmatian. She is our webmistress at The Dog House.

CHat shares her life with her husband and Aussie(L), an Australian Shepherd and ? (Siberian Husky is my guess). Saved from going to the pound at 10 mos. because young owner moved and could no longer keep her. She will be 14 yrs old in Oct '98 and still loves to "herd" cattle but doesn't know anyone who will let her! Keisha(R), adopted from co-workers. Norwegian Elkhound/German Shepherd/Black Lab mix (an "oops" litter of which there are too many). She'll be 9 yrs in Sept '98 but still acts as wonderfully goofy as a 9 MONTH old! She also has two kitties, Harlequin(Quin for short) and Jazz. Chat and her husband live in Columbus, OH.

Chelsea's Mom... is owned by Chelsea and Candi, both Beagles. She lives in Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada with her new husband Roger. If you would like to learn more about Kim click here.

ChessieMom... is owned by... Ashley, Sundance, Casey, Lulu, Chester, Bonnie, all Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Holly, a Siamese Cat. Debbie shows in conformation, does some obedience and also retriever work with her gang (I wonder how well they retrieve LOL). Debbie is a Medical Sonographer and lives in Maryland with her husband Ed, they have 2 grown children. To learn more about Debbie visit her Home Page!

Cerry... is owned by... Cerry, a lab/borzoi? mix, and Sammy, a border collie/terrier. She also has three kitties; Isis, Ceder and Amber. Pat is a Labor Educator and lives in Columbus, OH Click here to read more about Pat.

Cheryl is owned by... Kira, a Rottweiler and Buzz, a Cat. Cheryl lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her husband, Scott and their two children. Cheryl says she loves animlas in general but is fond of Rotties and orange tabby cats because that's what the two most wonderfull animals in her expereince are.

Cheyennemama... is owned by Cheyenne and Sandee, Cocker Spaniels, 2 cats, Bashful, a 15 yr old tortie.. Screech, a 14 yr old yellow tabby, 2 cockatiels Tweety& Sylvester, and a 55gal tank of fancy koi's...her big boy is over a foot long!! Catherine is a VetTech..but she does kidney dialysis at a large city hospital in Dayton. She also has her own grooming shop off the back of her home. she has been grooming for over 18 yrs. She has six children and seven grandchildren! Read about Catherine's resues.

CindyV... is owned by... Pepper, a Miniature Schnauzer, Saki, a Toy Poodle, and Ike, a black mini schnauzer. Cindy is a Social Worker(seniors) and lives in Louisville, KY. To read more about Cindy, click here. owned by Balsam and Baseline, and Beau Bear, all Saint Bernards, Hope Diamond a rescued Akita mix, and Bizzy, a Dalmatian. She also has four cats, Little Bit, Care Bear, Blu Beary, and Teddy Bear(see a theme here?:-) If you would like to learn more about Mary K, click here.

Country owned by... Pepper, Gripper, (Pepper and Gripper are a must see by the way) Jazz, and Boomer, Australian Shepherds, Country Boy, a horse, Jabber, Specs, Wuzzle, and Tuffy, cats, Inky, Squeaks, and Gizmo, Pygmy goats, Horrible Hulk & Mrs. Hulk,, Bronze turkeys, Energizer, a Bunny, Goosie, a goose, 9 Curly Geese (Sebastopol), 35 crested ducks, and 50 pet Catfish & Bass that eat from your hand. *Whew* All her animals are named and loved, too many too list!(thank you!:-) Sheri is a Typesetter/Compositor - Self-employed, home office, and she and her husband, Lou live in Lincoln, CA. If you would like to find out more about Country click here.

Crickett owned by.. Missy, an American Randombred, Bonnie, a Calico c*t, and Clyde, a Grey c*t. Crystal is a programmer and lives in Marietta, GA. owned by Coco, a German Shorthair Pointer, and Sneakers and Checkers, both rescue kitties. She lives in New Jersey with her finance, Joe. To read about Dana's rescues, click here. owned by Lila, a Pug and MarTin, an SPCA kitty. Dani is a Vet Tech and will be licensed soon, she graduates in May!! She and her husband Reggie live in Staunton, VA where they are a foster family for rescue Pugs. Way to go Dani and Reggie!!

Dax O'Buff (aka Dax O'CouldBeAnything, formerly Dax's Mom or Obedience Buff)...Is a partner to.. Dax, a German Shepherd Dog, Maggie, a Sheltie, Tommy, a formerly abandoned and abused GABMYD (Giant American Black Mouthed Yella Dawg), Robbie, a Sheltie rescued from death row, Shayna, a Sheltie and Murray, a Golden Retriever, as well as seven cats, two parakeets. Be sure to check out this great graphic that Leslye made, it has all 6 dogs in it, can you find them all? DOB is, among other things, a trainer/behaviorist/breeder and a former New Yorker who has landed in Little Rock, Arkansas via California and New Hampshire. She is married and has a daughter, who also loves dogs and other animals. If you would like to read more about Leslye click here.

Debbie (poodlefluff) owned by Tammy, Bonnie, Daphne, Tiffany, and Brandy, you guessed it all Poodles, Max, a Rottie Mix, 3 Cockatiels, Chester, Pretty Boy and Glumpbird, a corn snake Stanley, and Eric, a Betta fish. Debbie is a grad school student and has 3 children. They live in Ponder, TX, be sure to check out their home page.

Debi... is owned by.. Mindy Blu, a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), Maxine Cat, and three un-named fresh water fish. Debi is a Medical Research Manager and lives in Martinez, CA with her husband, Bill. owned by..Jacks, a Black Lab and Manny, a Golden Retriever. Heather lives in Las Vegas, NV.

Dixie... is owned by Max and Dante, pound kitties, and Loki, a 2 year old GSD who likes to carry the two champions around in his mouth (not at the same time though). She and her husband Bobby live in New Awlins, LA and are expecting a *jellybean* on October 24th! If you would like to learn more about Dixie, click here.

Dj... is owned by Buster - pit/lab mix, Boo Boo - pit bull, Jackson - pit bull, Molly - pit mix, Hogan - Congo African Grey, Wheezer - Blue Fronted Amazon, Max - Senegal , Hiccup - Brown Throated Conure, Cosmo - Cockatiel, Dj lives in NJ and helps out Friends of Terriers APBT rescue, and the Plainfield Area Humane Society in his spare time. Dave wrote the great poem, "Dogs Live Here", which appears on the Who's Who? front page. If you would like to know more about Dave, click here.

Dobie Maid and Dobie Dad... are owned by Gretchen, a 4 year old red Doberman, Millie, an 8 month old rescued herding dog mix, and Zoya, a 5 year old rescued kitty. Sandra and Bob live in Boise, ID. They have raised 4 "human" kids - 2 boys and 2 girls, and have 7 grandsons! Their oldest grandson is a 19 yr. old college freshman and the youngest is a 6 yr. old kindergardner! Dobie Maid and Dad are retired and love to travel in their motor home. Of course the dogs go with them!!! *photos coming soon

Doggie Lady... is owned by Claire, a sable Collie and her half sister Afton, a tri Collie. She lives in upstate New York. If you want to learn more about Francene, click here.

Doodle's owned by.. Nikki (aka. the Doodle dog), a Yellow Labrador, Alexander, a siamese cross, and Khan, a Blue point siamese. Deanna is an Office manager for the Canadain Society of Petroleum Geologists She lives in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada with huband Michael.

Erin... is owned by ..Jack, an English Shepherd, Rio, a Yellow Labrador Retriever, Monty, a DSH cat, and Elmer, a green iguana. Erin is a graduate student in Arizona and her fiance is Craig.

Evy... is owned by a person named Traeger who hides in the body of a long haired German Shepherd, and Tonga, a Maine Coon Cat. Evy has been in the field of dog behavior since 1970. She is currently the only instructor in Colorado who is affiliated with the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, she's been with them since 1991. Evy lives in Aurora, CO. If you would like to read more about Evy click here.

4Paws, resides with... Fire, a female GSD and Lily, her female GSD cousin. They also share their home with two cats, Max and Kitty. Fire is CGC certified (Canine Good Citizen) and both Fire and Lily have been Herding Instinct Tested (HIT), did very well, and received their HIT certificates. Both GSD girls are fed a raw, fresh food diet, and Lori believes in taking more of a holistic, natural approach to their health. All live in New Jersey.

Foster Mom... owned by... Maynard - Beagle/St. Bernard (at least, that's what the shelter said), Cookie - Sheltie/Border Collie, Jessie - Lab/Dobe (maybe), and Buford the Knothead Foster Puppy - Shepherd/Bull Terrier. Rosanne is a Technical Sergeant, USAF. She lives in San Angelo, TX with her husban, Matthew and her 2 stepkids, Liza and Nathaniel. Visit The Humane Society of Tom Green County.

Fur Herd is owned by... Tish, a Golden Retriever - the pack leader, Fannie, an Old English Sheepdog who wants to be a Golden. Bear, a big Golden (130 lbs) who is on a diet, Tess, Tish and Bear's runt, born on Christmas Day (along with six other brothers and sisters).She always has a Woobie (stuffed animal) with her. Karen and John live in Yukon, OK. Their family Other interests: John is a computer nerd that loves fishing (without the Golden Girls) and Karen is into crafts and craft shows.

Golden Dad... is owned by two Goldens, Toby and Bob. He works at PCI Geomatics. He and his wife, Franca live on Lake Simcoe. If you would like to learn more about Michael click here.

Golden Lover... is owned by 4 Golden Retrievers... Kirby Sommers, Kate, Bear and Gabby, as well as 5 Quarter Horses and a Balinese Cat. Amanda is a student and lives in Wisconsin.

Goose... is owned by Goose, the fuzzy-wuzzy Great Pyr/Border Collie mix, Oki(bottom), her sweet black Lab mix, and Oakley, a soleful-eyed Border Collie. Kelly is a Biologist at Texas Parks and Wildlife, hubby Steven is a High School Biology teacher. They live near Austin Texas. owned by Zane, a Border Collie/Bassett, and Reagan, a Poodle mix. Karen is a Resource Aide in Texas where she spends most of her spare time helping with obedience classes given by the Kennel Club. She is a 4-H Leader for the Val Verde County Dog Project. (Zane and Reagan are both active in obedience--so they are her "demo" dogs.) owned by Bodacious Bo Bo, a Shih-Tzu, Madam Matilda Monster and Hercules My Man, both Bulldogs, she also has two cats as well, Elvis and Boo. Cati and her husband, David live in LaPorte, IN, they have 4 children. Do you want to find our more? Click here.

Health4Paws... is owned by.. Max, a Basset Hound, and Winston, a Maine Coon Cat. Ellen is a Management Analyst and lives in Centreville, Virginia with her husband Dale. She has 3 daughters, ages 16, 24, and 30. Why does she love Bassets? Visit her home page.

Jakester... is owned by.. Leila, a mixed breed spayed female, Jake, neutered male Dalmatian, Brooke, a female Dalmatian, January, a Cockatiel, Dodie Ricochet Rock, a hamster, Termite One, White Spotted Gecko, Kimba, Leopard Gecko, Bud, Corn Snake, Nadine, her new baby Corn Snake, and 8 freshwater fish. Wanda is a Domestic Goddess, and lives in South Florida with hubby, Voltaire. She has three children and 1 grandson. Check out the dogs' home page. owned by.. Travelots Luke von Stevens "Jake", a German Shepherd, Kimarlas Lakodiak Khan "Kodi", a German Shepherd, Jakoda's Bewitchen Sami CGC TT HIC "Sami", a German Shepherd, Steinwald's Four x Four "Dodge", a German Shepherd, Missy & Mudger, her kitties Piper & Riley, cockatiels, and Barney, an Amazon Parrot.

JAM... is owned by.. 2 Dalmatians, Lai-Jud and Lai-Proy. Jam and her husband live in Bangkok, Thailand. Jam works and her husband, Pramoth, is a Doctor.

Jan... is owned by Mikey(L), a Shepherd/Collie mix, Jazzy(R), a Border Collie (not sure if she is a mix, she looks 100%), Sweetie, a Shepherd mix (almost wolf or coyote looking), and Gypsy, a Lab mix who sometimes posts as MAMA STRAY :o), The kitties round out the family: Itty Bitty Kitty, 10 years old and 15 lbs Big Al, came to live with them 2 years ago when his other family moved and left him behind. Braveheart & Nigel, brothers from a litter Jan rescued last year. All of Janet's animals are strays. She is single and currently lives in St. Louis, but is originally from NY/NJ.

JanB... is owned by.. Clyde, a Treeing Walker Coon mix, and Lucy, Jamie, Cyndy, and Squeaky, her kitties. Jan is a Cad Designer, and she lives in Deatsville, AL, with hubby David.

Jan L.... is owned by... Maggie, a yellow labrador retriever, Beau, a retriever/terrier mix, Buddy, a terrier mix, and her five kitties, Bones, Chesapeake, Motorhead, Midnight, and Cajun. Jan is the supervisor of dinnerware at Old Time Pottery. She lives in Cleveland, OH with her husband Jim and their two girls, Elizabeth and Lisa. Read more.

JanM... is owned by.. Cinder(spayed Rottweiler female), Nip(neutered Golden Retriever male), Bonny and Katey(Yorkshire Terr-ors), and Penny(Pom-mix). They also have Imelda, a kitty. Jan is a 45 year old secretary and she lives in Northern Idaho with her huggy. Click here to see her page.

JaneM... is owned by.. Maugi, a Pekinese, Luna, a German Shepherd Rescue, Honey, a Collie who has been waiting at the Rainbow Bridge since July 29, 1998 because of a massive stroke, and Stan and Ollie, Black Moor Goldfish. Jane also regularly doggie sits Maggie, a 3 year old (spoiled) Dalmatian. Jane is in her final year of Law School (You Go Girl) and has worked with Veterinarians for 23 years. Jane lives in Valparaiso, IN. Jane also tells me that she was young when the Beatles broke up and is still crying about it, hee, hee.

Janine... is owned by..Madison, a Maltese. Janine is an entrepreneur and lives in New York, NY with her roommate Steve. owned by.. Pepper, a German Shepherd/Doberman cross, Crystal, an American Cocker Spaniel, Sealy, a Cat and Keiko, a Teddybear Hamster. Jasmine rides and trains young horses and lives in Boca Raton, FL.

Jeannie... is owned by... Gunther and Rosie, Dobermans, Beemer, Polly, and Taz, German Pinschers, Miss Pinny, Rusty, and Jezebel, Min Pins, Mia, Mo, Loki, and Jinx, cats, and BJ, a horse. Jean lives in Warrenton, VA where she is a Budget Analyst. She does mostly Dobe rescue which is how she got Rosie, Beemer, Miss Pinny, and Rusty. O.K., only one of those is a Dobe, but you know how it is, once your name gets out there as a rescue person, the calls start coming! All 4 of her cats are rescues, as is her horse, who she has had for 17 years.

jennholly... is owned by... Madeline, an Austrailian Cattle Dog Mix, Max, Chow Mix, Spooky, a short hair black cat, Spanky (Boo) a long hair black cat, and Lightning, an Arab filly. Jennifer lives in Houston, TX. Visit her homepage.

Jennifer... is owned by.... Dante's Inferno (Dante for short!), a Miniature Pinscher Jennifer is a Special Education Teacher and lives in Marlton, New Jersey with her hubby Phil.

Jexx is owned by... Lucy, a 2 yr. old "terrier something", Annabella Blazing Star, lab/horse mix (ha ha) puppy, the thorn in Lucy's side, and Tucker, very dignified cat (even when covered in puppy spit). Jexx is married to Chuck (the dogs' favorite toy).

Jessie... is owned by Banzai, a German Shepherd. She will be adding another family member in 1999, a Newfoundland who's name will be Shenanigan meaning patience. She resides in Toronto, Canada with her great hubby. Click to learn more about Joy

Jjyml(Mother of Sausage)... is owned by Mollie, a Cattle-Dog X, Sausage, a smooth coat tri-colored Russell, Lyric, a Queenly Calico, and Kitty Boy(her favorite feral!) She lives in rural Southwestern Pa on 10 acres. Married for almost 30 yrs. 3 Enjoys adult canine rescue, animal rights issues, wildlife, physics, the arts and her Acmepet Friends! :-)

Jml... is owned by Kramer, a 2 year old Black Lab mix and Laney, a 1 year old Rottweiler. Jennifer is an Executive Assistant. She and John, her husband, live in New Jersey.

Jo-Anne... is owned by Maggie, a rampunctious;-) yellow Labrador Retriever and Scurry the teddybear hamster. Sadly, Scurry went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 19th, 1998. Our condolences to Michelle, Jo-Anne's daughter. Jo-Anne lives in Southern California with her husband and two daughters. To read more about Jo-Anne, click here. owned by.. Meisha, a Mixed breed, and Margo, a mix. Joanned has been married to David for 25 years and they live in Minnesota. Visit her web page.

Joanne(K9-Kennel)... is owned by three rescues, Shep, a black & white Lab/Border Collie mix, Bonnie, a black Lab mix, and Bram, a black mix. She recently moved from England to North Carolina. Her visa does not allow her to work except as a "home engineer". She has 3 dogs, all have been rescued, and all have various physical, psychological, and behavioral problems courtesy of previous owners. If you would like to learn more about Joanne, click here. owned by.. Tigger, a Shepherd Mix. Janice is a computer geek and lives in Vancouver/BC/Canada with her husband Ted. owned by.. Josie, Labrador Retriever, Abbey, Labrador Retriever, Belle, Dutch Bunny, Spook, Dwarf Campbells's Russian Hamster, Babe, Dwarf Campbell's Russian Hamster, and Dude, Calico Kitty. Jodelle is a Veterianry Assistant/Kennel worker and she lives in Troy, Missouri.

Judy (alias: dal mom) owned by... Dottie, a Dalmatian, and Sport, also a Dalmatian. Judy and Ron have 2 daughters and live in Round Rock, TX. owned by... Sasha A. Dalmation and Anna Pomermaniac, you get to guess their breeds;-) She also has Lamby, Piggy, Gabby, and Half and Half Piggy, Guinea pigs, another whole pile of African dormice, Punkin and Verdell, Cockatiels, and a bunch of Dwarf Hamsters! Kate is an Office drudge in Calgary, Alberta, Canada:-)and is married to Chris. owned by...Stormy, a Rottweiler, Stella, a Saint Bernard, Spike and Shadow, both male black cats, Gus, a Siamese girl and Tons of fish. Shelli is a business owner and lives in Peculiar, MO. Shelli is married to Ted and the have 1 child. Visit their home page, click here.

Kelli owned by... Toby, a mix, Jennifer and Sport, Cats, Bandit and Phoebe, Rats and Shadow, the Hamster. Kelli is a freshman in high school and lives in Hacienda Heights, CA.

Keith... is owned by... Hollywick's Classy Lady, Madame "SOONER" , a Yellow Female Labrador. Keith lives in ABQ, NM with his wife Heather and he is an USAF PILOT. owned by..Elmodog, a Pomeranian, and Misty, a cat. She is a High School Student, BabySitter, and Dog lover.

Kenjak... is owned by..Jackie, a 6 year old Briard, and Oscar, also a Briard (He's Jackie's 14 week old son). Kenjak and his pals live in Hernando, MS.

KG... is owned by Oscar a rescued buff American cocker Spaniel. She drove to College Park, Md to get him (19 hours round trip), sight unseen. Perfect match personality-wise. She is a technical writer and website designer for a software developer. She is also heavily involved with Amnesty International, an international grassroots human rights organization. Hobbies: men, traveling (Oscar goes with when possible), photography, and she's a rabid sports fan: Rugby, Soccer, and Baseball Karin is from Dayton Ohio.

Kim... is owned by.. Max a Welsh Terrier, Kirby also a Welsh Terrier, and Cosmo a Miniature Schnauzer. Kim is a Customer Service Representative and lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband Pat. Click here to check out their homepage, Kim has some great rescue links.

Kim J.... is owned by 2 Rottweilers, Murphy and Buddy. Buddy is from a Rottweiler rescue. Kim lives in Oklhoma City where she works at the University of Oklahoma (Go Sooners!)in order to buy dog food and toys!

Kina... Kina is owned by Lucky, a rescued buff Cocker Spaniel. To learn more about Kina, click here.*coming soon*

Kiwi... is owned by.. Tiger Pup, a Beagle, Kiwi, a Black Lab/Rottweiler mix, Heidi, a German Shepherd, Cognac and Honey, horses, Mini, a Cat, and two fishies. She is a student is Warren, MA.

KiwiJuce... is owned by... Kiwi, an Austrailian Shepherd, Angus, a Border Collie Mix, Shammy, a Golden Retriever, Beeb, a Kitty, Scritch and Evil-Hammy, both are Hamsters (wonder how Evil-Hammy got that name? LOL! Sara is a graduate student and a Lab Technician in a forest soils lab, she lives in College Station with her husband Rob, and their 2 children. Click here to visit their home page.

KJaneway8... is owned by... a Great Dane in the future, but for now Tribble, a DSH cat is the only "child". Suzanne is an Administrative Assistant and lives in Kissimmee, FL with her husband Michael.

khill... is owned by... Dakota, a German Shepherd Dog, Toby, a Doxie-Cocker Mix, Buffy, a Yorkie and Pooh, a kitty. Linda is a Mobile Home Park Manager and she has 3 grown children. Linda and her husband Kenneth live in Kent, WA.

KO... is owned by... Barnaby, a Golden/Lab/Chow mix, Buster, a Mini-Lop Bunny and Gus, a Guinea Pig. Kathy is an Auditor and lives in St. Louis, MO. She is engaged to Todd.

Kristen... is owned by.. a 16 month old male Beauceron, Matejo des Ombres Valeureux, HIC (aka "Mat") She does protection & obedience with Max, and she's taken him herding once, earning his Herding Instinct Certificate. She has been "into" Beauces for about 4 years, and is a Beauceron Club of America 'Code of Ethics' breeder. She will be getting another Beauceron later this year that she plans to do herding with and Schutzhund, Ring, or KNPV. If the next dog turns out he will be her foundation stud for "La Soleil Noire" (BCA reg'd kennel)